WATCH: Shocking upset on Raw! 33-year-old star suffers defeat in loser leaves The Judgment Day match against R-Truth

R Truth beats JD McDonagh in a loser leaves match in a holiday themed street fight on Raw.

WATCH: Shocking upset on Raw! 33-year-old star suffers defeat in loser leaves The Judgment Day match against R-Truth

R Truth and JD McDonagh (via @HaangEmHigh/X)

This week’s Raw witnessed some pivotal moments heading forward. One of them involved the contrast chemistry between Judgment Day and R Truth. After Truth got a beatdown from the faction last week, he faced JD McDonagh in a loser-leaves Judgment Day match on Raw. In a grueling match-up, Truth captured a big-time win, sending his fans into a frenzy.


R Truth and JD McDonagh were involved in the holiday theme Street Fight on Raw. The stakes of the match were all-time high, as the loser of the match had to leave Judgment Day. A confident JD faced Truth in an incredible match-up. However, during the closing sequence of the battle, McDonagh and R Truth landed over a table, which led to Truth pinning the faction member and securing a win.

It was a surprising victory for the 51-year-old superstar. After last week’s beatdown, fans expected Truth to be at loggerheads with the group. However, that wasn’t the case. As for JD McDonagh, he has lost a high-stakes match on Raw, which will certainly have some implications in the future.

It is going to be interesting to see the dynamics between R Truth and Judgment Day in the future. The Suntan Superman recently returned to WWE at Survivor Series after months of hiatus. It will be captivating to see if Judgment Day kicks out McDonagh and recruits Truth into the faction from here on out.


R Truth makes Damian Priest break character

Damian Priest couldn’t help but crack in front of R Truth on Raw this week. Judgment Day opened this week’s Raw to settle things down around them. However, they were interrupted by the fan favorite, R Truth. The 51-year-old superstar hilariously addressed last week’s beatdown, which led to the Priest breaking his character and slightly laughing a bit.

R Truth and Damian Priest
R Truth and Damian Priest (via WWE/Inside The Ropes)

Truth said that Damian didn’t mean the attack, and he could see it in his eyes. It was a hilarious statement, as nobody expected R Truth to be so calm and composed on Judgment Day this week. Therefore, after a few seconds of silence, Damian chuckled and soon came into his character.

It is incredible to see Truth in such hot segments on Raw just a few weeks after his return. His remarkable physique is proof of his incredible athleticism. It looks like his retirement is nowhere close at the moment.

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