When Natalya sarcastically claimed that touching 32-year-old WWE Superstar’s husband’s private part was her most “iconic moment”

Throwback to the time when Natalya flabbergasted the WWE Universe by hilariously claiming that the viral segment with Matt Cardona was her most iconic moment.

When Natalya sarcastically claimed that touching 32-year-old WWE Superstar’s husband’s private part was her most “iconic moment”

Natalya (via WWE)

Over the last 15 years, WWE superstar Natalya has etched a name for herself in the Stamford-based promotion. The Queen of Harts has had numerous moments worth remembering in her career, which includes capturing the Divas and SmackDown Women’s titles. However, the 41-year-old stunned the WWE Universe by claiming that her touching former WWE superstar, Matt Cardona’s crotch was the most iconic moment of her career.

Nearly a year ago, a fan took to X and posted the screengrabs of a hilarious segment from 2017, when Natalya unwittingly touched the crotch of Chelsea Green‘s husband, Matt Cardona. The Queen of Harts was quick to notice the tweet. Retweeting the post, she jokingly said that this was the most iconic moment of her career.


The said segment took place nearly 6 years ago from now. Ahead of Survivor Series 2017, team SmackDown raided the Raw brand. Both Cardona and Nattie were part of the blue brand. During a backstage brawl between both brands, the 41-year-old accidentally placed her hands on the former WWE star’s crotch. This moment instantly became meme material on social media.

"My most iconic moment!" (emojis)
Natalya on X

Hilariously, the meme continues to gain traction among wrestling fans until this very day. Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, was released from WWE in April 2020. The 38-year-old star is currently performing on the independent circuits. Interestingly, his wife Chelsea Green returned to the company after a two-year absence at the Royal Rumble 2023. Green is currently a tag-team champion with Piper Niven.

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Natalya envisions turning her wrestling facility dungeon into a wrestling school in the near future

Natalya is a third-generation superstar from the legendary wrestling family, The Hart Dynasty. The Hart family has been running a wrestling workshop from one generation to another. From Bret Hart to Natalya, the original Dungeon has trained some of the best wrestlers this industry has ever seen.

Natalya also has a workshop akin to the Dungeon in Florida, which, however, has yet to become a full-fledged training facility.

Natalya (via WWE)

In her recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Queen of Harts revealed her plans to turn the Dungeon into a wrestling school, similar to the WWE Performance. The 41-year-old clarified that her Dungeon functions more like a workshop than a training school. Nattie and her husband TJ Wilson do not charge any wrestler for coming and training in their facility.

"We call it the dungeon, because it's just basically the same ideologies of the things that we were taught by my grandfather and my uncles. So, we're not like a school and it's funny because people always say like 'What's the difference with you guys and the PC?' It's like oh my gosh, the PC is an animal! I always say we're not really a school, we're more of a workshop for advanced people. It's an invite only, and I have to keep it like that, at least for right now. And never say, never. Maybe one day TJ and I will want to maybe open it up and make it like a school where people can, you know, sign up or pay us to train, but right now it's like a workshop and it's invite only, I don't charge anybody to come train with us." (30:15-31:18)
Natalya on Chris Van Vliet’s interview

Furthermore, she said that people often draw comparisons between the Performance Center and the Dungeon. But the PC is a full-fledged wrestling school where amateurs are taught from scratch, unlike Dungeon where advanced wrestlers pay a visit for practice or to get back in shape. Moreover, she stated that she and TJ have named the facility “Dungeon” because it takes forward the same ideologies of The Hart Family.

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