“Are you trying to see my f*****g p****”; When Wade Barrett revealed hilarious gym story involving Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was once stalked by a 16-year old kid while he was working out in a gym

Brock Lesnar was once stalked by a 16-year old kid while he was working out in a gym
Brock Lesnar and Wade Barrett

Brock Lesnar has been one of the most dominant forces in the entire professional wrestling industry. He made his surprising return to WWE in 2021 at Summerslam and immediately became a part of the Universal Championship feud. But wasn’t able to taste a victory over Roman Reigns in his recent run as a cowboy.

Brock Lesnar is currently on a short hiatus from WWE after he lost his WWE Championship to Roman Reigns in an championship Unification match at WrestleMania 38. But Lesnar is still reported to return to the squared circle in a few weeks and this time, it could be a dominant feud waiting for him as well.

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Wade Barrett revealed a hilarious backstage story involving Brock Lesnar a few years ago

Brock Lesnar was once stalked by a 16-year old kid while he was working out in a gym
Brock Lesnar

A few years ago, Wade Barrett stepped in an interview with Inside the Ropes and revealed a funny backstage story involving the Beast Incarnate. Barrett revealed that though Brock is hardly seen in places where he can be noticed very much, he stepped in the Gold’s Gym and while everyone was staring at the WWE champion, a 16-year old boy hilariously started stalking him.

Not only that but the boy followed Brock everywhere he went to workout in the gym until the Beast stepped in the changing room. Barrett then explained that there was a toilet area in the changing room where Brock Lesnar went and surprisingly, the boy started taking a sneak peak in through the door looking at everyone until he spotted Brock.

After running away, the superstars in the room started stalking him when Brock Lesnar hilariously shouted ‘Are you trying to see my f***ing p****’ which eventually became a backstage joke and was often used between the superstars. Here’s what he said:

“Anyway, we’re finishing up and then suddenly, this nervous, sixteen-year-old, nerdy kid pops his head around the locker room. Sometimes we get that and people are excited because they’ve seen us on TV and we’re wrestlers for WWE, and they want to meet us. This kid did not care about us at all, it was like we were invisible.”

“He’s sneaking around, he’s looking past us, and then suddenly, he spots the toilet area which was just around the corner from where we’re at. This kid kind of stumbles past, walks around the corner, and disappears. A small part of me wanted to tell this kid, ‘No, this isn’t the day.’ But another part of my brain thought, ‘Ya know, the boy has to learn.’ So I didn’t say anything; I just kind of looked at Bray Wyatt and he kind of shrugged his shoulders.”

“We all knew that something bad was about to happen. We were just waiting; we were frozen in time. Suddenly, all you hear is, ‘Are you trying to see my f–king p”””s?!’ Followed by this terrified sixteen-year-old running out of there, through the door, never to be seen again.”

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