“The women felt there is going to be more focus on them” – WWE Women’s Division feels protected under Triple H’s plans

Triple H is the new creative director of WWE. With him taking the charge, a lot of changes were expected. The Women's division feels safe under his guidance.

Triple H
Triple H

Triple H is that member of the WWE who has seen the ring both from the eyes of the viewer as well as the contender. Spending the early years of his career in the ring, Triple H knew what the audience actually demanda from the show. In 2022, he declared his retirement from the ring when he left his boots and microphone in the ring. Currently, he is working as the Creative Director of WWE.

The condition of the Women’s Division in WWE was never so great. They were fighting with the management to appear on the screen. The condition got better but still there was scope for improvement. All hopes of the WWE Women’s Division now lay on Triple H. 

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Triple H is handling the company without any complaints from the WWE Universe

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are noe managing the company
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are noe managing the company

With Vince McMahon retiring, many changes were expected in the company. And the company changed as well. The episode that followed Vince’s retirement declaration, witnessed some change in language. The SummerSlam remains one of the biggest events of WWE so far. All these incidents show that Triple H has some great plans for the company.

One of the major issues that the women have faced with the company is their improper booking. Superstars such as Michelle McCool also have faced this during their run in the company and it still prevails. A hasn’t been quite a long time when a lot of women expressed their discontent with the same. 

With Triple H being the creative director, things are bound to change. The Women division hopes to get booked properly. According to the Wrestling Observers Newsletter “Regarding the new regime, we’re told that it’s a positive and fresh vibe but some talent is nervous whether they will keep or lose their position. But overall the feeling is more excitement and more positive about the future.”

Another lot of people feel that they need to wait and see how things unfold. However, the atmosphere was calm and mostly positive. We will have to see how Triple H considers the Women’s division and where he will take the same. As per the work he has been doing now, it is expected that WWE will rise back to its original heights.

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