“Future WWE champion right here”- Wrestling fans go crazy over viral video of child delivering vicious Dave Bautista’s Powerbomb

A video showing a kid performing the Batista Bomb catches the attention of WWE Fans online.

“Future WWE champion right here”- Wrestling fans go crazy over viral video of child delivering vicious Dave Bautista’s Powerbomb

Kid and Batista's Batista Bomb (via @unbasedsavage/'X'/WWE)

After a legacy spanning across decades, WWE has become a staple name for sports entertainment. Its influence is so strong that people from all age groups and different walks of life subscribe to it. What they also love is imitating the superstars as well as their moves. Especially, Dave Bautista’s Batista bomb.


It seems a kid has taken his play with the doll to another level. Captioned, “Me & my brother”, a video takes a funny shot at siblings who watch WWE. It shows the kid picking up a doll that has perhaps fallen from a chair. Under ordinary circumstances, a kid would’ve placed it back on the chair, however, the one that we have here is special.

Pulling the doll down and jerking it up on his shoulders, the Kid delivered a vicious variation of the Batista Bomb. The brutal landing caught everyone’s attention as the poor doll landed on the back of its neck. Dave Bautista would’ve been proud had he witnessed such a spark in the kid.

Those who have witnessed Batista know about the damage he caused with this vicious version of a powerbomb. The move has not only won him matches against big names like John Cena, Triple H, and many others but has also added several dominant championship reigns under his belt. Though it’s rare to see a kid so small perform such moves, cases of ordinary people performing such devastating moves occur now and then.


People go bonkers after seeing the kid perform Dave Bautista’s finishing move

Despite WWE raising awareness around the damage that untrained execution of their moves can cause, there seems to be no stopping for the WWE fans. The thrill and the adrenaline rush that one gets while performing could be the reason why the kid made the doll his first victim. Anyhow, it did leave the fans impressed, and here’s how they reacted to it.

Kid performing the Batista Bomb
Kid performing the Batista Bomb (via @unbasedsavage/’X’)

It seems the post has divided the fan base. While one section of viewers have taken on a lighter note, others are concerned about the parenting that the child is receiving.

Others saw the funny side as they compared the doll with those in haunted movies and how such a treatment might be better than an exorcism.

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