“This whole bully campaign”- Wrestling fans recall the time when Vince McMahon forced former Women’s Champion to have live s*x celebration on Raw

Wrestling fans recall the exploitative environment that Lita and Edge experienced upon being forced to perform Live Sex Celebration under Vince McMahon.

“This whole bully campaign”- Wrestling fans recall the time when Vince McMahon forced former Women’s Champion to have live s*x celebration on Raw

Fans, Vince McMahon and Live Celebration (via @digispikex/'X')

When one thinks about professional wrestling, there exists a lot of edgy stuff that can’t be ruled out. From vulgar banter to repulsive acts, a lot takes place inside the squared circle. However, 18 years ago, the fans witnessed an extremity never done before- a live s*x celebration on Monday Night Raw!


On 9th January 2006, Edge and Lita decided to celebrate his first world title win in the Dirtiest way possible in front of a live audience. Despite taking his heel character and chemistry with Lita to newer heights, the Edge was compelled to take it a step further.

In several revelations, fans came to know about how uncomfortable both the stars were when executing the scene. The worst thing that remained was how Lita was threatened to be fired if she hesitated to perform.

Former WWE Writer, Christopher DeJoseph, in Stories with Briscoe and Bradshaw, revealed how Vince McMahon was nearly “drooling over” the idea of having the Rated R Superstar engage in the display of obscenity. It was an idea that came into existence around how “edgy” the former 11-time World Champion could get.


Recently, Edge has been quite vocal about the working environment under the likes of Mr. McMahon. For those who don’t know, it was the time when Edge, aka Adam Copeland, won the Money in the Bank. At New Year’s Revolution, he would go on to defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship. It could be because of the heat that it might have generated that Edge lost his championship 20 days after the display at Royal Rumble 2006.

WWE Fans go livid after the video of Live Sex Celebration on Raw rekindles memories about one of the ugliest acts in wrestling history

Fans love to take a trip down memory lane, however, they often encounter certain things that make them queasy over the things that they had once witnessed. A similar situation took place when they saw the Edge and Lita’s Live Sex Celebration on Monday Night Raw, in 2006. Here’s how they reacted to another evil idea of Vinnie Mac.

Edge and Lita
Edge and Lita in the Main Event of Raw 2006 (via WWE)

Fans were venting their anger and frustration against Vince McMahon. Many were even feeling sad for Lita. Others were exploring the possibilities that could’ve taken place had the duo received a more sensitive booker like the Game, Triple H.

It has been 18 long years since that happened, despite being a portion of WWE’s history, it shows how exploitative the previous eras were. While Adam Copeland continues to flourish in AEW, Lita was last seen alongside her frenemy Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch.


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