WWE announces a major partnership with Big 12 for the upcoming 2023 Dr Pepper Big 12 Football Championship

WWE continues to raise its stock with new collaboration with the Big 12 Conference.

WWE announces a major partnership with Big 12 for the upcoming 2023 Dr Pepper Big 12 Football Championship

Big 12 Conference and WWE (via WWE)

WWE has invested in expanding its market through various avenues over the last couple of years. One of its most notable partnerships has been with some of the major sports leagues, including the NFL. The company has also conferred on customized belts for the winning team of the NBA league every year to maintain good public relations. Now, WWE has struck gold with yet another collaboration with the forthcoming Big 12 Championship Game.


The Stamford-based promotion has recently announced its partnership with the Big 12 conference. WWE, via an official press release statement, unveiled their massive collaboration with the NCAA conference. This partnership has come into effect in light of the upcoming Dr. Pepper Big 12 Football Championship Game on December 2 next month.

For those unaware, the Big 12 Conference is an amalgamation of college-level athletic teams based in Irving, Texas. It consists of 14 major universities, such as the universities of Iowa, Kansas, Houston, Cincinnati, etc. Moreover, all the permanent members of the Big 12 participate in the Football Bowl Subdivision of Division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The newly formed partnership between Big 12 and WWE will see the latter honor the “Most Valuable Player” of the Football Championship with a customized WWE belt. The title will be presented by a WWE superstar. Furthermore, a co-branded WWE and Big 12 logo will be advertised throughout the venue and on the game field.


Big 12 Conference Commissioner Brett Yormark comments on Big 12’s latest collaboration with WWE

The Stamford-based promotion has marked its first-ever major sports collaboration since the formation of TKO Group Holdings. The company continues to leap forward in its effort to bring new audiences to its product. The aforementioned partnership will generate a bountiful amount of buzz for both parties involved. Having said that, the head honchos of both parties have offered their commentary on their brand-new collaboration.

Brett Yormark
Brett Yormark (via Fox News)

The Commissioner of the Big 12 Conference, Brett Yormark recently relayed his thoughts on the conference’s partnership with WWE. Yormark stated that working together with the Stamford-based company will bring millions of new audiences to the football league. It will facilitate attenuating the wide gap between sports and entertainment.

WWE is a global brand that connects with a wide array of audiences. With this partnership, we will integrate WWE and its brand power into one of the Conference’s biggest moments, further strengthening the bridge between sports and entertainment throughout the Big 12.
Brett Yormark on official press release

This massive partnership with the Big 12 will also include WWE superstars making frequent appearances at pre-game hospitality events and community events. The superstars will also feature during the game toss for good measure. In addition to this, WWE will also be releasing an exclusive merchandise line for the Big 12 Championship.

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