WWE drops a revamped poster for its flagship show under USA Networks, teasing the new face of Monday Night Raw

WWE released a new poster for Monday Night Raw featuring prominent names.

WWE drops a revamped poster for its flagship show under USA Networks, teasing the new face of Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw superstar

WWE recently revealed the new poster for Monday Night Raw on the USA Network. It appears the company has subtly teased the new face of its flagship show with its latest move. RAW’s newest addition, Jey Uso featured at the center and middle of the new poster, along with Cody Rhodes, Becky Lynch, and Seth Rollins.

Jey Uso recently became a part of Monday Night Raw and received a warm reception on the Red brand from the WWE Universe. Therefore, with him at the center of the poster, it appears that WWE is possibly considering him as the face of the show. Main Event Uso is certainly living up to his name, as is conspicuous.

At Payback 2023, the 38-year-old made his shocking return to WWE. He has been working on RAW ever since. The former member of The Bloodline has been strongly booked on the Red brand. WWE seemingly has some massive plans for him going forward, as he is in the middle and center of the poster for their flagship show.

Jey Uso is currently with The Judgment Day on RAW in the primary storyline of the show. He looks to gain trust among the roster under the wings of the American Nightmare. Nonetheless, It will be interesting to see Jey’s path from here on out.

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Bronson Reed posted a cryptic message for Jey Uso

Jey Uso is the newest member of the Monday Night Raw roster. Since his addition to the Red Brand, he has made a lot of enemies on the roster. Most of these names have bad blood with him due to his past associations with The Bloodline. The newest name that has put Jey Uso on notice is Bronson Reed. He has posted a cryptic message for the 38-year-old.

Bronson Reed and Jey Uso
Bronson Reed and Jey Uso (via X)

Bronson Reed posted a picture on Instagram where he can be seen attacking Jey Uso. This picture was captured at a Super Show where the two superstars were involved in a match. Reed has also posted a caption, which is “Feeling Ucey“. This can be a threat to the former member of The Bloodline.

Jey Uso had a match this week against Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw, in which he suffered a defeat. Moreover, Jey was on the receiving end of a beating on Judgment Day as well. It is going to be interesting to see if Bronson Reed is next in line to get his hands on him as well.

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