“Stop talking about me or else I’ll release the videos” WWE Superstar Paige’s ex-fiancé issues a warning to her

Alberto Del Rio, a veteran WWE Superstar, reportedly issued ex-fiance Paige a strong warning, asking her not to speak about him. In October of 2016, Del Rio and Paige announced their engagement. Events didn’t seem to work out between the two, and their romance ended a year later.

Alberto warns Paige to stop talking about him

"Stop talking about me or else I'll release the videos" WWE Superstar Paige's ex-fiancé issues a warning to her 2

After what he said about Paige, Alberto Del Rio has gotten a lot of attention on the internet. Alberto Del Rio, in a conversation with his publicist Michael Morales, talked a lot about those who seek to smear their name, particularly his ex-fiance.

During his interview, Alberto Del Rio didn’t spare his emotions while discussing Paige. The erstwhile WWE Champion claimed that he had the ability to dismiss her from her employment in a matter of seconds.
He went on to say that he has video proof that she was abusive towards him when they were dating. Del Rio claims she struck him in the face and neck. He ended by claiming that if she does stop talking about him, he won’t share the footage.

“If I wanted to in my hands I have the power to take out of her job in two seconds. I can bring out one of her videos of domestic violence and she would not go back to work. I don’t have any interest in that. I continue to thank God that Paige broke the confidentiality agreement that we had.” were the words of Alberto.

Today I am the one who can expose her and show the world who she is if she messes with me. I want my life in peace. I don’t want anything about me on the internet, I don’t want anyone talking. You can stay calm and no one will see your videos kicking my face and neck. That stays forgotten if you don’t talk about me,” said Del Rio

Paige’s comments last year

The former WWE Divas Champion claimed Alberto Del Rio of domestic abuse last year. Del Rio, she alleged, used to confine her in a place for hours at a time and bash her up every few minutes.

Alberto Del Rio quickly refuted his ex-partner’s charges, stating that she was the aggressor and that he has evidence to establish his innocence. Del Rio spoke to TMZ Sports just three days after Paige’s interview aired on Wednesday, November 4, and said: “The situation was reversed. I’ve got the proof. It’s not just a matter of words. Why would I say, Raya? Why? Raya, why are you doing this? I’m not calling you Paige because you were always Raya to me, not Paige. Why would you want to hurt me right now?”

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