Raquel Rodriguez height: How tall is WWE’s Super Strong Diva?

Read the article to discover the height of WWE superstar Raquel Rodriguez.

Raquel Rodriguez height: How tall is WWE’s Super Strong Diva?

Raquel Rodriguez (via Bleacher Report)

Victoria Gonzalez, popularly known as Raquel Rodriguez, is one of the most notable names in WWE. Hailing from La Feria, Texas, Rodriguez began her wrestling journey in the NXT. However, the 32-year-old put the roster on notice when she debuted for the yellow brand in January 2017. Ever since then, the Texas’ powerhouse has striven in pursuit of excellence. She has been attracting eyeballs through her charisma and personality.


The American pro wrestler left a gargantuan footprint on the WWE Women’s Division with her debut on the roster. Rodriguez won the inaugural NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Moreover, she went on to win multiple titles on the roster. Known for her indomitable size and sheer strength, Raquel Rodriguez has bolstered her name in the women’s division. Not only did she win titles, but she also delivered some of the top-notch matches on the roster.

Raquel Rodriguez

However, the fans have always been astounded by the female superstar’s awe-inspiring height. Regardless of her gigantic size and physique, Rodriguez has displayed unfathomable in-ring skills. While some presume her to be the tallest female superstar in WWE, others believe she is below the 6-foot mark. However, her impregnable stature has already remained a matter of great discussion among the fans.

How tall is Raquel Rodriguez?

Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez (via USA Network)

Over the decades, WWE’s women’s division saw superstars ranging from five feet to giants. Raquel Rodriguez is one such superstar who made her presence felt in the women’s division through her impressive size. She stands tall at a height of 6 feet, which is 183cm. Without a doubt, the 32-year-old has included her name on the list of tallest female superstars in WWE’s history.


However, her spectacular stature, along with her flexibility and agility in the ring, has always left the fans flabbergasted. Ever since her debut, Rodriguez has enthralled the WWE Universe with her exceptional charisma. Billed at a height of 183cm, she has subjugated her opponents with her indomitable physique and in-ring dexterity. However, the former NXT star has been carving her own path and climbing to the pinnacle of the women’s division.

Raquel Rodriguez’s wrestling maneuver

The WWE superstars make use of their bodies, along with their height, to generate adequate momentum to perform their wrestling moves. However, Raquel Rodriguez’s indomitable height gives her an upper hand over her opponents to effectuate her signature moves in the ring.

1) Fall Away Slam

Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez slams Sonya Deville (via WWE)

It is a move where a superstar holds their opponent horizontally and body slams them backward. However, Rodriguez’s long height helps her produce impetus to perform the maneuver. Due to her tall stature, she is able to throw them from an elevated position. As a result, the body slam has a great impact on the opponent.

2) The Tejana Bomb

Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez hits the Tejana bomb on Shotzi Blackheart (via WWE)

The Tejana Bomb is undoubtedly one of Raquel Rodriguez’s most devastating maneuvers. It’s a move where she lifts her opponent high in the air and drops them in the ring with sheer velocity. However, Raquel’s unfathomable height provides her with absolute momentum to execute the vertical slam from a high position. The opponent lands on their back and receives the most of it.


3) Corner Body Avalanche

Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez (via WWE)

Many superstars perform a running body avanlance on their opponents on the corner of the ring. It’s a move where the superstars land on the body of their opponents in the corner with all the momentum. However, Raquel Rodriguez’s long stature and posture bring out the most from this maneuver. She generates more momentum comparatively with her full body to deliver an impactful collision.

Comparison of heights of the tallest WWE female superstars

Nicole Bass, Raquel Rodriguez, Nia Jax, Linda Miles, and Kharma
WWE’s tallest superstars in history (via Google)

Over the past few decades, there have been many superstars who have left a gargantuan footprint on the WWE Women’s Division. Some solidified their spots through their charismatic personalities and auras. However, some became widely popular for their incredible size and physique. However, Raquel Rodriguez has included her name on the list of tallest female superstars in the history of WWE.

  • Nicole Bass – 6 feet 2 inches (187cm)
  • Raquel Rodriguez – 6 feet (183cm)
  • Nia Jax – 6 feet (183cm)
  • Linda Miles – 6 feet (183cm)
  • Kharma – 5 feet 11 inches (180cm)

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