REVEALED: Why did Brock Lesnar go off-script at Elimination Chamber?

The real reason behind the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar breaking out of his Elimination Chamber pod.

brock lesnar
Beast Incarnate

Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant Superstars on the WWE roster today. After a hiatus from the company, the Beast Incarnate made his return at Summerslam 2021. He kicked off a feud against the Universal Champion Roman Reigns. But some last minute change of plans led him to become a part of the WWE Championship feud as well.

The Beast Incarnate entered the Fatal 5-Way match and pinned Big E to become the WWE Champion. But he couldn’t hold on to the title for even a month and lost to Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble. But one can never keep a title away from Lesnar and on the same night he went on to win the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

Brock Lesnar officially announced that he will challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal title at Wrestlemania 38. But he wanted to enter the Showcase of Immortals as a Champion and hence, challenged Lashley for the title inside the Elimination Chamber. Lesnar dominated inside the steel structure and walked out as the WWE Champion.

Fans might remember that Lesnar had smashed his way out of the pod during his match inside the Chamber. This wasn’t part of the script. A report on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reveals the reason behind Lesnar going off-script. The Beast Incarnate wasn’t aware that Lashley’s pod will be signalled to open – even after he was taken out of the match.

Lesnar also knew that he had limited time to conclude the match. Hence, he spontaneously decided to crash his way out of the pod. Reportedly, the other Superstars had a couple of decided sets yet to perform. But as soon as Lesnar was out they all prepared for their quick-paced pinning.

Brock Lesnar will main event Wrestlemania 38

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar: WrestleMania 38
Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar: WrestleMania 38

The WWE Champion will be involved in the main event of the upcoming Wrestlemania 38. Brock Lesnar will be facing Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a Winner Takes All match. Bit there is a possibility that he might not walk into a Mania as a Champion!

Before he goes to Mania, the Beast Incarnate will be putting his title on the line at a house show at the Madison Square Garden. While initially his opponent was supposed to be Bobby Lashley. But with Lashley ruled out of action due to a shoulder injury, his new opponent is yet to be revealed.

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