WATCH: Seth Rollins stomps a leprechaun on The Tonight Show

“Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins delivers a Stomp on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

seth rollins
Monday Night Messiah

Seth Rollins is one of the best Superstars on the WWE roster today. He signed with WWE in 2010, and it was at Florida Championship Wrestling (WWE’s developmental territory), where he got his current ring name. He went on to become the inaugural NXT Champion and went on to debut on the main roster as a part of The Shield.

The Shield is often considered to be one of the greatest factions of all times. It kickstarted the main roster journeys of three of the biggest Superstars of the world of professional wrestling – Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (currently performs as Jon Moxley on All Elite Wrestling). Eventually, Rollins double-crossed The Shield and went on to join The Authority.

While his promo work has been great, Rollins has immense in-ring prowess too. Seth Rollins has won WWE Championship, Universal Champion and the Intercontinental Championship twice each. These are just a few in his long list of accolades. There is no denying that he is the biggest crowd-pullers on the roster today, and was most recently seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  

The Monday Night Messiah appeared in a really short segment on the show – but it was undeniably a highlight moment. He hit a leprechaun with a pot of gold and then delivered his iconic Stomp. The segment was in reference to the St Paddy’s Day. You can check out the entire segment above.

Seth Rollins is trying to get on the Wrestlemania card

seth rollins

One of the biggest stars on the roster, one has delivered several iconic Wrestlemania moments, is yet to find his spot on the Wrestlemania 38 card. Seth Rollins, along with Kevin Owens was trying to win the Raw Tag Team Championship to get on the card but they failed to do so. Since then Owens came up with a brilliant idea to earn his spot.

Kevin Owens will be hosting “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a special episode of The Kevin Owens Show. Rollins tried to steal the idea from Owens. They ended up colliding in the main event of Raw – where Owens managed to retain his spot. This has once again left the Visionary without a match at the Showcase of Immortals.

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