“I don’t think she realizes how lucky she is”; When WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella blasted at Charlotte Flair for getting the benefit of her father being in the industry

Nikki Bella feels that Charlotte Flair has always been handed over things as a benefit from nepotism

Nikki Bella and Charlotte Flair have quite some history together
Nikki Bella had blasted Charlotte Flair as a benefit from nepotism

Charlotte Flair is one of the most popular and accomplished superstars in WWE history. The former champion is a fan favourite and has performed very well in the past years. The Queen is considered to be overrated but her performances prove her worthy of a champion.

But WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella feels that the Queen ‘benefitted from nepotism’ and that all her accomplishments are because of her father Ric Flair’s career in the wrestling industry. Bella also claimed that Flair didn’t work hard in the ring to gain the fame that other superstars had to do.

During an interview with Michael Cole ahead of her match against Charlotte Flair, Bella commented: “Charlotte’s great in NXT. And I truly feel that’s where she belongs Well actually, I don’t think she realises how lucky she is, because what Charlotte has no idea how hard it is to be self-made. [Or] to come into this company and have no-one believe in you except being guest host for a year and a half, [when you’re] begging to wrestle.” – TalkSport

Nikki Bella claimed she had done much more hard work than Charlotte Flair

Nikki Bella and Charlotte Flair have a lot of history together
Nikki Bella and Charlotte Flair have met in the ring before

The former Divas Champion, Bella, also commented on how much she and the other women had to work hard rather than Flair who was handed over things. “We all had to see her tears about how hard it is to be the daughter of Ric Flair. I had to work from the ground up. I didn’t have a famous father, I didn’t come from the independents. When I came in everyone saw a pretty face. I always wanted to be more than that, I always was more than that and I had to prove it. My story is the ‘Revolution’.” – TalkSport

Brie Bella then came in and joined the session once again blasting Flair. Here’s what she added:

“The one thing about Nikki and I is, we’ve been with the company almost nine years and we just have a huge passion for wrestling. We love the craft and everything about it. Every year we’ve told ourselves we’re going to get better, better and better. Granted, we have the best coaches in the world – John Cena and I have Daniel Bryan – but the fact we’re actually getting time [for longer matches], we’re happy because we can show what we have and we will always continue to get better.” – TalkSport

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