WATCH: Zach Johnson drops huge F-bomb at fans during The Masters

Zach Johnson later denied swearing at the fans and claimed he directed this outburst on himself.

WATCH: Zach Johnson drops huge F-bomb at fans during The Masters

Zach Johnson was heard using the f-bomb at the Masters (Image via Imago/X)

Things have not been the best in the past few months for Zach Johnson. The 2007 Masters champion has been having a tough time on the greens following the disappointing loss at the 2023 Ryder Cup. During the 88th Masters tournament, the American golfer seemed to have been left frustrated again which led to him dropping a huge F-bomb.

In the second round of the Masters on Friday, Johnson had been struggling to keep himself in contention to make the cut. After a failed close putt on the par-3 12th hole, Johnson carded a triple bogey on this hole that lead to huge cheers from the fans. He was then caught swearing “F*** off” on the camera while looking in the direction of the patrons present at the course.

When asked about this in the post round conference, Johnson denied swearing at the fans and claimed he could not hear the patrons from that far out.

I swore at the patrons? That's laughable. That's completely laughable. I can't hear the patrons, number one. Number two, I just made a triple bogey on the 12th hole that evidently is going to make me miss the cut, which at the time I knew was pretty sensitive in the sense that I needed to keep making pars.
Zach Johnson said.

Zach Johnson added that his outburst was directed towards him and his gameplay and not at supporters who were cheering from the sideways.

If I've said anything, which I'm not going to deny, especially if it's on camera, one, I apologize, and two, it was fully directed towards myself entirely because I can't hear anything behind me. Does that make sense?
Zach Johnson further continued.

These words from Johnson has ignited a huge spectrum of reactions from the fans. Several users on social media have since attacked him for this behavior and called him out.

Paige Spiranac takes huge jibe at Zach Johnson following his outburst at The Masters

Internet sensation and social media star Paige Spiranac took a huge jibe at Zach Johnson after his outburst clip went viral. The former LPGA star extended her support to the patrons present at the course while blasting him for his actions.

Zach Johnson and Paige Spiranac
Zach Johnson (L) and Paige Spiranac (R) [Image via Imago]

Taking to her X account, Spiranac claimed that Johnson’s viral outburst was a “bad look“.

The patrons at Augusta are unbelievably supportive and mild mannered. You can’t find a more pleasant environment to play golf in. The fact ZJ said this proves he’s softer than baby poop. Such a bad look.

Paige Spiranac on X.

This is not the first time, she had called out Johnson for his words. During the WM Phoenix Open in February, she would criticize him for his comments against the fan behavior despite claiming she was a “big ZJ fan“.

At the Phoenix Open in Arizona, the 48-year-old slammed the fans for the way they presented themselves and said that the tournament has become “inappropriate“. The organizers of the tournament though later promised that they will be making some changes to the event so as to minimize such altercation between fans and golfers.

As for The Masters 2024 tournament, Johnson indeed ended up missing the cut with a score of 7-over 151. In the end the triple bogey on the 12th hole which led to this reaction from him turned out to be the main difference between him going home early and playing at the weekend this week.

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