‘1989 or TTDP?’ Travis Kelce reveals his favorite Taylor Swift Era to watch on tour

Kelce before going up on the stage to start the highly anticipated Kelce Jam, revealed which Taylor Swift album is his current favorite.

‘1989 or TTDP?’ Travis Kelce reveals his favorite Taylor Swift Era to watch on tour

Travis Kelce picks The Tortured Poets Department over 1989 as his favorite Taylor Swift album (Image via IMAGO/X)

1989 may be Taylor Swift’s most successful album ever, but that’s not her boyfriend Travis Kelce‘s favorite. The reigning Super Bowl winner prefers to listen to her latest hits from The Tortured Poets Department.

These were his heartfelt sentiments when asked to choose which Taylor Swift album he listens to the most at the Kelce Jam on Saturday night. The second edition of the 34-year-old’s dream project kicked off at Azura Amphitheater, 30 minutes from Arrowhead in Kansas City.

Before the start of the Lil Wayne starrer concert, Kelce spoke with Access. They asked what his favorite era was to watch at Swift’s Eras Tour concerts.

Oh! I am a big [fan of the] 1989 era, but I am not gonna lie; I might be a little biased towards the Tortured Poets Department. Just a little bit.
Travis Kelce said

While he was giving the interview, Swift was across the continent in Scandinavia, continuing her tour. 

Travis Kelce picks out his favorite The Tortured Poets Department songs

Before assembling TTPD, the pop icon revealed that she would put together a couple of melodies for her beau. She came through with her promise by writing ‘Alchemy’ and ‘So High School,’ dedicating both of them to Travis Kelce.

'1989 or TTDP?' Travis Kelce reveals his favorite Taylor Swift Era to watch on tour
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Image via IMAGO)

The self-proclaimed Cleveland Heights resident ‘beer king’ agreed that he thoroughly enjoyed the two songs. Kelce was asked if he had to add any of the TTPD songs to feature at Kelce Jam, which ones would he choose? It was a tough decision.

Wow, that's a good question... Golley! So high school might be the only one that's jumping into my mind right now. I think everybody get fired up for that one.
Travis Kelce added

There are so many great songs to choose from Swift’s album. Coincidentally, ‘The Man’ is Wyatt, Travis’ niece’s favorite.

The Man' definitely. It's my niece's favorite. So we can always go with 'The Man'.
Travis Kelce said

After the interview, he went to start the concert. It was a sold-out crowd, and they chanted, ‘Kelce, Kelce.’ His best friend and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined him on stage and promised that they would accomplish a three-peat.

Kelce took the microphone from Mahomes and thanked everyone present for showing up. He assured them that if they kept showing love and support, he would make Kelce Jam an annual affair. This was the second edition of the event, which began in 2023.

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