3 Best locations in Bermuda Map to find good loot in Free Fire

Knowing the best loot places will help you a lot reducing the risk of getting eliminated early in the game. Here are the top 3 best locations to find good loot in the Bermuda map in Free Fire.

Best locations in Bermuda Free fire
Bermuda Map

Free Fire is a quick-paced BR title with three different maps featured. Out of three, only 2 are played in Ranked mode and this article will discuss the top 3 Best locations in Bermuda Map of Free Fire.

Free Fire is one of the most played BR titles on the Mobile Gaming platform. Well known for its unique salient features, the game has various game modes with three maps covering those modes. In order to play the game better, a player must know all the map tactics and their best places so that he and his team can get good stuff over there. Landing on a random spot and getting kills in low tier rank matches is easy. Whereas in high-rank tier matches, it would probably lead to your team elimination in the early stages of the game. In order to help, we listed the top 3 best loot locations in the Bermuda Map of Free Fire.

3 Best locations in Bermuda Map to find good loot

3. Mill

Best locations in free fire
Mill in Bermuda

As we must accept that Mill is one of the great locations to find good loot in the Bermuda Map. Even though it has limited buildings, the spot would have so many things for you and your team to gear up in the game. It would be present on the top right side of the map and players can also find a Vending Machine up here so that you can grab the items of your choice by collecting gold coins.

Make sure that you land well before the enemies otherwise, you will be in danger of an early elimination in the match.

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2. Pochinok

Best locations in Bermuda
Pochinok in Bermuda

Another good location for finding a high-tier loot is the Bermuda map is Pochinok. It is located at the bottom side of the Map. Being located at the bottom side, you may remain in the place for a few consecutive safe zones. Even if you have any other opponent teams, you could fight them instead of worrying to escape the danger zone. Existence of a lot of compounds, players are guaranteed enough loot here to battle out other enemies. Also, a Vending Machine is there here to provide you with the supplies.

1. Observatory

best locations in free fire
Observatory in Bermuda

This location is situated on the left side of the Bermuda map and it is believed to be players can find good loot here and well enough for several teams. Similar to other places, players can have a vending machine here at this place so that they can get supplies if they run out. Since it is situated on the left side of the map, you should hurry to the centre of the safe zone. There are vehicles spawned over here for players to cut off easy rotations to the safe zone.

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