5 Rupees Top up for Garena Free Fire in January 2021

Here is a third party trusted website that offers 5 diamonds at just 5 rupees.


Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there. It has a plethora of Outfits, skins, and many other fancy items in the game. In order to avail of those In-Game good appealing items, one must spend the In-Game currency-diamonds. We will discuss how to top up 5 Rupees in January 2021?.

Some players sometimes run short of just one or 2 diamonds in Free Fire while participating in some events or buying an item in-store. However, these diamonds aren’t available for free, and players have to lessen the weight of their wallet to buy Diamonds.

So here is a website that offers only 5 diamonds Top up for 5 rupees in December 2021.

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Here are the steps to 5 Rupees Top up for Free Fire

There are many third-party websites offering top-ups at a very low cost and more options to top-up Diamonds. Like Seagm, codashop, and Games Kharido.

SEAGM is a website where you can buy 5 Diamonds at just 5 Rupees. So 1 diamond costs only 1 rupee.

Visit the official website of SEAGM. Click here to visit the website.

  • Once you enter, click on the ‘Free Fire Diamonds’ option.
  • All top-ups which are available will display on the screen. Enter the details like Player ID and IGN
  • Once you select, it will ask for payment. Once the payment gets successful, the diamonds which you have bought will be added to your Free Fire Account.
  • Payment can be done by Paytm, UPI, and using your ATM Card.
5 Diamonds  ₹ 5.20
12 Diamonds  ₹ 10.40
50 Diamonds₹ 42.23  
70 Diamonds  ₹ 52.78
140 Diamonds  ₹ 105.57
355 Diamonds  ₹ 263.92
1450 Diamonds  ₹ 1,055.67
2180 Diamonds  ₹ 1,583.50
3640 Diamonds  ₹ 2,639.16
7290 Diamonds  ₹ 5,278.33
36500 Diamonds  ₹ 26,391.64
73100 Diamonds₹ 52,783.28

Note: This 5 rupees top up is only for January 2021. The offers can be updated monthly or weekly sometimes.

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