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“A partner not an opponent” – Chael Sonnen applauds Jake Paul for his brilliant approach in the business

Paul is 5-0 undefeated in boxing and has knocked out every person that he has ever fought. The resume includes the likes of Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren.

Jake Paul - Chael Sonnen

Famous Youtuber Jake Paul, if anything as a combat athlete, has revolutionised definitely the way things should work in the fight business, and he will call out anybody who’s not ready to play by his rules of running it, case in point consider his diss track on his business rival, UFC President Dana White. We have already seen how good Paul can be if he puts his mind to anything, again, a case in point is his stint in boxing in 2021.

Paul managed to fight 2 world champions from the walks of MMA in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley and knock them both out. Now, Paul is learning a few more tricks in his arsenal to get inside the cage to make his presence directly felt in the sport of MMA as well. For someone who never had professional experience yet vows to expose the biggest MMA promotion in the UFC for allegedly underpaying its fighters and no long-term healthcare plans, Paul definitely knows how to plan his career even before starting it.

Chael Sonnen believes Jake Paul rightfully explains the importance of a partner over an opponent

Said Nurmagomedov – Sean O’Malley

MMA Legend Chael Sonnen took to his Youtube channel to originally talk about how the Sean O’Malley vs Said Nurmagomedov potential matchup can turnover into reality, eventually, he stumbled upon Paul’s way of getting the fights he want.

“If you guys aren’t picking up on this business about how important is your opponent as your partner, you’re simply not following Jake Paul,” says Sonnen. “You cannot tell me that you’re a Jake Paul fan or hater but that you follow his career whether it’s to see him win or it’s seamless if you don’t understand that he always picks up a partner, not an opponent, he’s never picked an opponent once.

What do you make of Sonnen’s assessment of Paul making his own career moves not based on an opponent to match skillfully with, but rather who can be compatible enough to help grab more attention than usual on his fight? We have already realised Jake Paul has the potential to be a good combat sports athlete, do you think he can do well if he manages to invest more into the fight business and help other athletes in growing up the sport?

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