Chris Jericho was allegedly knocked out cold by former WWE US Champion after heated altercation on his own cruise 

Chris Jericho and MVP confronted one another on multiple occasions, with the latter knocking Y2J out in their first fight.

Chris Jericho was allegedly knocked out cold by former WWE US Champion after heated altercation on his own cruise 

Chris Jericho (via WrestleTalk)

Since the start of 2024, controversy has surrounded AEW star Chris Jericho. The First Ever Undisputed Champion is facing a lot of backlash from wrestling fans online. Things went from bad to worse for Y2J, as a recent report has suggested that MVP knocked him out cold on his own cruise.

As per Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslamnet, Jericho had an altercation with the former US Champion in January 2020. This occurred at Y2J’s own cruise, Rock N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea—Part Deux: Second Wave. It kicked off with a heated confrontation of words between the pair, which resulted in MVP allegedly knocking out Jericho.

However, this wouldn’t be the only time these two butted heads outside of the wrestling ring. After a year or so, Jericho and MVP once again confronted each other in a hotel lobby. According to the same report, it included the multi-time world champion fleeing to the elevator. Moreover, he insulted the former Hurt Business manager, claiming he doesn’t fight with jobbers before closing the door.

For the past few years, rumors have been floating around that the veterans weren’t too fond of each other. As of now, there is no confirmation on whether they’ve settled their differences. However, this new report adds to the pile of misery for Chris Jericho, who’s gaining more negative press as each day passes by. As a result, some believe that the legend should take a break from the industry for a while.

Chris Jericho will challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championships at Battle of the Belts

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Chris Jericho is still appearing consistently on AEW television. In fact, he, along with Sammy Guevara, is the #1 contender for the Tag Team Titles. La Sex Gods will take on Ricky Starks and Big Bill in a Street Fight on the upcoming special, Battle of the Belts, on Saturday.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara
Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara (via AEW)

Guevara defeated Starks on Dynamite, which later turned into a brawl between the two teams. However, the most notable part of the segment was that Jericho’s theme song played throughout. Many fans pointed it out, claiming that it was a way to nullify the audience’s reaction to Y2J.

Despite fan backlash, Tony Khan seemingly revealed that he wouldn’t take action based on an online rumor. However, Jericho’s appearances since then have clearly been concocted in a way to minimize negative crowd reactions. It will be interesting to see how the live audience reacts to the tag team match at Battle of the Belts.

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