Tony Khan breaks silence on “unsourced rumors” about Chris Jericho se*ual harasment allegations

Tony Khan seemingly dodged any questions regarding Chris Jericho's recent allegations during the Worlds End media scrum.

Tony Khan breaks silence on “unsourced rumors” about Chris Jericho se*ual harasment allegations

Chris Jericho and Tony Khan (via Wrestling Inc/@WrestleOps/X)

The Demo God Chris Jericho is one of the top stars in All Elite Wrestling. He has been one of the prominent stars in the promotion and has been an asset for Tony Khan‘s company. Recently, Jericho was accused of allegedly using his power behind the scenes. Tony Khan gave a concise reply to these allegations at the press conference held after AEW Worlds End.

Tony Khan was asked about the allegations against Chris Jericho. Khan replied to these allegations in a laconic way. He stated that he does not intend to speak about internet rumors and unsourced news. Moreover, Tony claimed that AEW is the safest promotion in professional wrestling. Further, he added some statements regarding the AEW’s working culture, leading the question to nowhere around Chris Jericho.

I can't speak to [the] internet and unsourced rumors. I think I spoke earlier to Kevin [a media personality] and mentioned a policy we have in place (...) We have always followed that, and I believe AEW is the safest wrestling company in the world. 
Tony Khan on Chris Jericho

The Demo God was involved in a marquee match at AEW Worlds End. Fans turned on Jericho during the match, leading to some explicit chants from the crowd. In an extraordinary match, the face team picked up an impressive win. However, the highlight of the match was Jericho, as he faced some backlash from the live audience.

As of now, more information is yet to break in this Chris Jericho controversy. Moreover, Tony Khan seemed to be getting away from the question regarding Kylie Rae since 2019. Only time will tell where this matter will lead. Fans will have a spot on the likes of Chris Jericho, Tony, and Kylie for the time being.

Chris Jericho gets compared to Harvey Weinstein amid the recent allegations

For the past few days, Chris Jericho has been in the headlines. Amid his allegations, people have been highly criticizing the star. This criticism peaked when Jericho was compared with Harvey Weinstein recently. During the interview, Nick Hausman made some bold statements, even comparing Jericho with Harvey.

Chris Jericho and Harvey Weinstein
Chris Jericho and Harvey Weinstein (via WrestleTalk/Los Angeles Times)

In his Rumor and Innuendo podcast, Nick concisely talked about the Demo God and allegations surrounding him. He stated that Jericho is one of the popular stars in the world. However, he must be a responsible person as well. He compared that Harvey won a lot of awards, including Oscar, although he was involved with abuses and went to jail.

You have that kind of power, it’s very important to use that responsibly. There are issues with Chris behind the scenes, where I know a lot of people who were hurt by Chris and his actions. You know, it’s very uncomfortable to me to see him lauded, - I mean, Harvey Weinstein won a lot of Oscars, Harvey Weinstein produced a lot of very popular films. Harvey Weinstein is now in jail.
Nick Hausman on Chris Jericho

Nick clearly stated that if Jericho is hiding something, he will face the consequences. Besides, the investigation is yet to happen at the moment. It will be keen to look more into this matter in the future, as nothing has been clear at the moment. As for Kylie Rae, she quit AEW in 2019 after working for a short period of time with the company.

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