Darby Allin suffers unfortunate injury on AEW Dynamite, Mt. Everest climb plans postponed 

Darby Allin competed against Jay White for the first time on Dynamite.

Darby Allin suffers unfortunate injury on AEW Dynamite, Mt. Everest climb plans postponed 

Darby Allin (via AEW)

Without a doubt, Darby Allin is one of the most fearless wrestlers on the planet today. The Daredevil was prepared to ascend to the top of Mt. Everest later this month. However, the former TNT Champion’s dreams were halted when he suffered an injury on the latest edition of AEW Dynamite.

Allin squared off against Jay White on last week’s episode. Two minutes into the bout, the 31-year-old landed awkwardly while attempting his front flip on the Switchblade. Despite that, Allin managed to finish the bout like the pro he is, battling it out for 10 more minutes. White ended up defeating Sting’s protege. After the bout, the former, along with Bullet Club Gold, turned heel and laid out The Invincible Man.

During the beatdown, BCG severely injured Allin’s ankle, which was supposed to be an angle to write off the highflyer from television. Ironically, TMZ Sports reported that he suffered a broken foot during the aforementioned front flip. Subsequently, Allin confirmed the same on X and postponed his plans to climb the tallest mountain in the world. While fans wished him a speedy recovery, many were glad that his risky aspirations were momentarily halted.

Unfortunately the foots really broke from Wednesdays match. Everest will have to be next year
Darby Allin (via X)

In fact, some claimed that it was a “blessing in disguise.” Allin has stated that he will once again attempt to climb the mountain next year. At Revolution, The Daredevil went flying through a glass pane, which cut open his back. Later, he justified the “polarizing” high-risk spot by saying that he was ready to do anything to make Sting‘s retirement match memorable.

Chris Jericho heaps praise on the tag team of Sting and Darby Allin

Sting bid adieu to his four-decade illustrious wrestling career at AEW Revolution. In addition to that, he remained undefeated as he successfully defended the tag titles along with Darby Allin. Recently, Chris Jericho opined on Stinger’s short yet memorable run in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

Darby Allin and Sting
Darby Allin and Sting (via AEW)

While speaking on the Gabby AF podcast, Y2J showered praise on the tag team run of Sting and Allin. The former AEW World Champion claimed that The Icon didn’t intend on having a singles match. Therefore, he played it smart by teaming with the highflyer. Moreover, Jericho believes that the student-mentor duo helped them become one of the greatest tag teams in history.

Without Allin, Sting would have never received the deserved final run and match of his career. The Vigilante acknowledged the same on several occasions and expressed his gratitude to The Daredevil. It will be interesting to see how Allin’s career further plays out once he recovers from his injury.

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