Andraya Carter SLAMS Stephen A. Smith for Caitlin Clark Olympics snub take

Team USA wants to cement its 8th straight gold, therefore preferred to go with experience.

Andraya Carter SLAMS Stephen A. Smith for Caitlin Clark Olympics snub take

Andraya Carter slams Stephen A. Smith for Caitlin Clark Olympics snub take, suggests Team USA prefers to win gold

Team USA snubbing Caitlin Clark was the biggest news in the sporting world over the weekend. Naturally, as the week started, it was time for the analysts to jump in with their take on this topic. Stephen A. Smith being one of them, went on a rant against the decision to drop Clark for the Paris Olympics. However, co-panelist, Andraya Carter had a contrasting view.

On First Take, the discussion was centered around why Caitlin Clark was snubbed from Team USA.

Marketing pays. I am telling you right now you are going to be underpaid for the rest of what I believe will be an illustrious career unless you get your mind right about that marketing. It matters.
Stephen A. Smith on First Take

I hear you, Stephen A. But I will not sacrifice my basketball knowledge and my integrity in terms of the game for marketing. My marketing is doing just fine.

Andraya Carter’s reply to Smith on First Take

Carter wanted to make the point that Team USA is not focused on the marketing windfall they could have received had Clark been a part of the squad. They would rather focus on bringing an 8th straight gold medal.

Stephen A. Smith was of the opinion that it was the perfect situation for Team USA to help make the WNBA a global brand. The same way, the 1992 Dream Team did for the NBA. The result of this is evident to this day.

However, Carter believes that Team USA is trying to cement its status as the best basketball nation. For that, they chose to go with players who they are sure will help them win the gold medal.

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Andraya Carter calls out Stephen A. Smith for not covering A’ja Wilson

As the discussion went further, Stephen A. Smith was talking about how they have to go with the flow of what fans want to see. To this Andraya Carter stopped him and had a back-and-forth:

What were your words about A'ja Wilson. That she was the most marketable player in the sport. You said that. So, when the Olympics comes up, we should have First Take segments on what A'ja Wilson does in the Olympics. And then people will watch. Because you say it.
Andraya Carter on The First Take

Carter wants Smith to honor what he feels about A’ja Wilson. But he has not done that and has not talked about Wilson on First Take.

Andraya Carter basically called the long-time ESPN analyst out for not honoring what he has claimed in the past about A’ja Wilson. This led him to lean back in the chair and look away from the camera. It was apparent that Carter won that argument.

But it does bring to the perspective that Andraya Carter was trying to make. Other WNBA superstars will get coverage if a show such as First Take will cover them.

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