Caitlin Clark left off Team USA as veterans were concerned about her ‘millions of fans’

Caitlin Clark has been among the best women's basketball player over the past year, yet did not make it on Team USA.

Caitlin Clark left off Team USA as veterans were concerned about her ‘millions of fans’

Team USA veterans concerned about Caitlin Clark's millions of fans

Caitlin Clark not making Team USA for the Paris Olympics already caused an uproar amongst basketball fans. Reasons such as team chemistry and continuity were thrown around as probable causes. Now, a new revelation revealed that some veterans had concerns about the millions of fans the Indiana Fever superstar had.

A report by USA Today‘s Christine Brennan came out explaining this situation. Two anonymous long-time Team USA veterans revealed to Brennan that Clark’s omission was due to her enormous fan base. Particularly, concerns revolved around how they would have reacted if the rookie sensation played limited minutes on a stacked roster.

Two other sources, both long-time U.S. basketball veterans with decades of experience in the women’s game, told USA TODAY Sports Friday that concern over how Clark’s millions of fans would react to what would likely be limited playing time on a stacked roster was a factor in the decision making
Christine Brennan via USA TODAY SPORTS

This comes out as a suggestion that the veterans are bothered by her fame. If anything, this could increase the tensions between the superstar’s fans and the rest of the players.

Ever since Caitlin Clark first set foot on a WNBA floor, the obvious question has been how the current players in the WNBA react to her incredible fame. They know they have never had anything like this. Naturally, jealousy was one of the words thrown around in media circles and the fans.

The physicality, the hits, and the talk amongst the players have only gone on to reinforce this notion. This led a lot of celebrities to ask the WNBA players to leave the hate aside and appreciate what she has brought to the league. However, this new revelation will just confirm the notion everyone has.

WNBA legend Lisa Leslie wanted Caitlin Clark on Team USA

Back in April, Team USA added Caitlin Clark to the provisional roster. This was a result of her lighting up the college season. At that time, WNBA legend Lisa Leslie was asked by Sporting News if Clark should go to the Olympics even though she had not played in the WNBA back then. Leslie gave a supportive reply.

One hundred percent. One thousand percent. I can't even let you get the question out. I don't know how you leave the country without her. There is no reason when you see an American player is the most outstanding player in our country, how is she not having the opportunity to represent our country?
Lisa Leslie via Sporting News

If the legend who won 4 gold medals representing her country had this to say, then it begs the question of why the team would leave her out. After all, Leslie spoke from experience.

Lisa Leslie knows what impact Caitlin Clark brings to women’s basketball. She also knows that Clark has been by and far the best women’s basketball player in the country for over a year. Therefore, it makes her case more formidable to earn that spot.

It seems the team preferred to go with continuity instead of taking women’s basketball to the next level with all the new eyeballs that Clark would have brought. With these revelations, the narrative will go back to Caitlin Clark vs the rest of the WNBA players.

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