Skip Bayless asks ‘nervous’ Jayson Tatum to ‘thank god’ for Kristaps Porzingis amazing performance

Kristaps Porzingis made an impressive NBA Finals debut on Thursday.

Skip Bayless asks ‘nervous’ Jayson Tatum to ‘thank god’ for Kristaps Porzingis amazing performance

Kristaps Porzingis and Jayson Tatum

The Boston Celtics dominated the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the 2024 NBA Finals, but their leading scorer Jayson Tatum had a subpar performance. He shot just 6/16 from the field and committed six turnovers. However, the returning Celtics center Kristaps Porzingis made a significant impact, scoring 20 points on 8/13 shooting in just 21 minutes, despite missing over 30 days due to injury.

Skip Bayless, on UNDISPUTED, credited Porzingis’ contribution for saving Tatum from intense criticism. Bayless noted that Porzingis’ 18 points in 13 minutes took the pressure off Tatum’s underwhelming performance. He also pointed out Tatum’s nervousness in the post-game press conference, which Bayless believes an athlete of Tatum’s caliber should have overcome by now.

Jayson Tatum should’ve gone home last night and dropped down to his knees and thank God for the Unicorn because the Unicorn’s 18 points in 13 minutes took Jayson right off the hot seat and the hook. Because you already mentioned this, if they do lose, if the Unicorn doesn't save them....we are having a whole different conversation about Jayson Tatum... They won it because Kristaps Porzingis came out of nowhere... It saved Jayson Tatum from himself because he's a great kid, he says all the right things and he was open-hearted sitting up there, saying, 'I was nervous.'
Skip Bayless said on Undisputed

Despite Tatum’s struggles, he still led the team in rebounds and assists and played solid defense. However, his performance has drawn criticism, with some expecting more from the star forward. Bayless’ comments highlight the high expectations surrounding Tatum and the importance of Porzingis’ contribution in alleviating some of that pressure.

The dynamic between Jayson Tatum and Kristaps Porzingis will be crucial as the series progresses. If Tatum can regain his shooting form and Porzingis continues to provide a strong supporting role, the Celtics may be unstoppable. However, if Tatum’s struggles persist, the pressure will only intensify, and Porzingis’ heroics may not be enough to save him from criticism.

Luka Doncic reacts as Kristaps Porzingis makes impressive NBA Finals debut

Kristaps Porzingis made an impressive NBA Finals debut on Thursday, as he led the Boston Celtics to a 107-89 win over the Dallas Mavericks. Despite missing the previous 10 games, Porzingis came off the bench to score 20 points, grab six rebounds, and block three shots in just 21 minutes of play.

Porzingis’ dominant performance drew praise from his former teammate, Luka Doncic who said that he was great for them on both ends of the floor. Doncic and Porzingis played together on the Mavericks for several seasons, but were unable to advance past the first round of the playoffs.

He was great for them. He was knocking down shots, he was blocking shots, he was really, really huge for them on both ends of the floor.
Luka Doncic said in the post-game press conference

Porzingis’ performance was a significant factor in the Celtics’ win, and his ability to make an impact on both ends of the court was impressive. His debut in the NBA Finals was a long time coming, and he made the most of it. As the series continues, Porzingis will be a key player to watch for the Celtics.

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