Ankush Free Fire ID and Stats for February 2021

In this article we take a look at the popular content creator, Ankush Free Fire, and we take a look at his stats.


Free Fire is a massively popular battle royale game in the current mobile gaming market. Likewise, the game has garnered a massive player base all around the world. Moreover, the game also has a host of content creators and professional players. One of these content creators is Ankush Free Fire.

Ankush is a very well known Free Fire content creator from India. He uploads his content on YouTube and has a large following. Down below we take a look at his Free Fire ID, stats, and more.

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Ankush Free Fire

His real name is Ankush Tripathi and his Free Fire ID is 241375963.

Lifetime Stats

He has played a total of 22380 squad matches and won 9595 matches out of them. Likewise he has 82082 frags and a K/D ratio of 6.42.

In lifetime duo matches, he has played a total of 3116 matches and 1252 of them. Likewise, he has 11750 kills with having K/D ratio of 6.30.

In solo mode, he has played 924 games and won 122 of them. Moreover he has 2566 games and has a K/D ratio of 3.20.

Ranked Stats

In the current ranked season, he has played a total of 1480 squad matches and won 1041 of them. Moreover, he has 6388 kills and a K/D of 14.55.

In ranked duo mode he has played 76 matches and won 40 of them. Moreover he has 435 kills with a K/D ratio of 12.08.

In ranked solo mode he has played 6 games but won none yet. Likewise he has 14 kills and a K/D of 2.33.

Ankush: YouTube Channel

Ankush is a popular Free Fire content creator on YouTube based in India. Likewise, he joined the platform on 19 September 2019. He currently has 4.33 million subscribers and more than 400 million views throughout the channel.

To visit his channel, click here.

His Social Media

Instagram account: Click here.

(Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. However, they are subject to change as time passes.)

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