Anthony Edwards claims Wolves ‘better team’ than Nikola Jokic led Denver Nuggets ahead of Game 7

Anthony Edwards and co. would prefer to erase the memory of their 1st round loss to the Denver Nuggets last year.

Anthony Edwards claims Wolves ‘better team’ than Nikola Jokic led Denver Nuggets ahead of Game 7

Anthony Edwards claims that his Minnesota Timberwolves are the better team ahead of game 7 against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets

Tomorrow is a crucial game 7 of the playoffs for two of the best teams in the league. One is the defending champion Denver Nuggets led by 3-time MVP Nikola Jokic. The other, a young Minnesota Timberwolves, who the Nuggets blew out in the 1st round last year. However, this is not the same Timberwolves of last year. Which is why leading superstar Anthony Edwards thinks they are the better of the two teams.


At a shootaround in Denver, ESPN caught up with the young superstar when he expanded on that thought:

I think we’re confident just because we’re a great team. We’re going against another great team, and we feel like we’re the better team. That’s all the confidence that we need. The two previous games don’t mean anything. They beat our a*s on our home court, so that don’t mean anything. Right now, it’s about who is going to play better tomorrow.

Anthony Edwards on ESPN

That is some supreme confidence from Edwards. Coming from someone who is not thinking about the two home games when the Nuggets beat them. Why he chose to forget those games is not clear. However, if going by his logic, Anthony Edwards seems to think of Game 7 as a game to show who the best team is. A 1 game final like how it happens in many sports.

It will not be an easy task as the game is in Denver. The Nuggets’ home crowd is hostile at best and would not stop at anything to rile their team to a victory. However, the Timberwolves did win the 1st two games of the series in that very arena.

Anthony Edwards will have a furious Nikola Jokic waiting

There is one alternative to what Edwards feels. That is the face of Nikola Jokic as he was standing throughout the remaining 9 minutes of the 4th quarter. In game 6, he watched on as the Minnesota Timberwolves first embarrassed him and his fellow starters for the 1st 3 quarters. Then saw his bench get decimated by the role players from the Timberwolves.


He looked like a man seething with anger. Generally, such an expression results in a possible revenge mode getting activated in the upcoming game. That and the game 6 scoreline probably gave the rest of the Nuggets starters a fire to do better in game 7.

If that happens, then it will be a battle for the ages. Anthony Edwards and his teammates will be looking to establish themselves as the new order in the NBA. Whereas Nikola Jokic and co. will be looking to shut down any challenge to their throne.

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