Anthony “Rumble” Johnson hits back at ‘LOOSE BOOTY’ Paulo Costa

The American, Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson just steamrolled Paulo Costa, over his disrespectful remarks

Anthony Johnson is ecstatic after a victory

It has been over 3 years since Anthony “Rumble” Johnson stepped inside the octagon. Although he retired after his last fight, against Daniel Cormier, he decided to come back from retirement 2 years later and is now eligible to fight from February 2021. As he nears his comeback, he has now found himself in a twitter battle with Brazilian, Paulo Costa.

Paulo Costa, recently suffered his first loss against Israel Adesanya, in a match people expected to be ‘the fight of the year’. But, unfortunately it wasn’t so, as Adesanya made quick work of Paulo Costa. A lot of people weren’t happy with the way Paulo Costa handled his loss, and Anthony Johnson was one of them.

“Now your name is LOOSE BOOTY” – Anthony Johnson to Paulo Costa

Not happy with the way ‘Borrachinha‘ handled defeat, Anthony Johnson said, “Hey, being skinny has its advantages, dude. I don’t understand all of a sudden either why Costa is getting so upset after he saw what ‘Stylebender’ did to him, you know? I was like ‘Dude, you were the one talking so much and then he gets you at the end and now you mad? Because he embarrassed you? Come on man, grow some balls. Man up to that.’ It is what it is. You can’t demand a rematch either after a performance like that either. That’s not smart. That’s not gonna sell for sure.”

These remarks made by Johnson, of course didn’t go well with Paulo Costa. Costa took to twitter to say, “Anthony rumble Johnson shut up moron you even don’t know which weight class you should fight.”

The tweet riled up Anthony Johnson, causing him to completely tear into Paulo Costa with a barrage of expletives. “Rumble” indicated that he doesn’t trash talk as much as Paulo Costa does, going on to say that the last fighter he trash talked to, left him completely destroyed.( Referring to Adesanya’s complete demolition of Paulo Costa). The tweet read, “I don’t do the talking back and forth but the last BBC you did that to fucked your ass at the end DOGGY STYLE. Now your name is LOOSE BOOTY You must want missionary next by me? I respect you but make sure you know your role… I’m not the 1 kid.”

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