“Starving for attention” – Austin Rivers claps back at Stephen Jackson over ‘irrelevant’ comment

Austin Rivers and Stephen Jackson have never met, but a beef exists between them.

“Starving for attention” – Austin Rivers claps back at Stephen Jackson over ‘irrelevant’ comment

Austin Rivers claps back at Stephen Jackson after the latter called him irrelevant on a podcast, both former players have beef but never met

Stephen Jackson and Austin Rivers have a beef that has been running for quite some time. Whenever one has to cross the other, they take jabs, especially from Jackson’s side. It again happened when Jackson took a major swipe at the ESPN analyst. But Rivers did not keep quiet and came out with a reply.

A clip of that interview where Stephen Jackson trashed Austin Rivers was floating around the internet. Rivers tagged that clip and was quite descriptive on his official X account.

This so ironic considering he stays having my name in his mouth (laughing emoji). (I have never met this guy btw lol) The comments say it all (laughing emoji). He’s at it again lmao!! Poor dude starving for attention. Sad sight tbh. I honestly wish him nothing but the best fr. Good God bro…grow up (facepalm emoji).
Austin Rivers wrote on X

It seems Rivers found the most opportune moment to clap back at the host of All the Smoke. After all, he thinks Jackson had no reason to go after him. The backdrop of this is when Stephen Jackson was on another podcast. There he was asked about his opinion on the recent controversial suggestion from Rivers that NBA players could easily play in the NFL. Jackson just flat-out refused to answer it as Rivers’ was involved with that.

He made it clear that Rivers is not relevant enough to suggest anything. Therefore, he would not answer it. But it is still unclear why the two would go at each other even if, as per Rivers, they have never met before.

Stephen Jackson and Austin Rivers and a confusing history

Austin Rivers and Stephen Jackson have never played together. Yet, there seems to be a beef between them. Although it is mostly Jackson who takes a hard stance whenever Rivers’ name pops up. For instance, when news first trickled in that Bronny James could play with his father LeBron James, Austin Rivers had a negative take on it.

Stephen Jackson came out with a scathing attack bringing Rivers’ father Doc Rivers into it. The ESPN analyst did come out with a reply to that, but the beef did not continue for long. However, with this episode, it seems there seems to be an underlying feeling towards the former player.

Stephen Jackson was also a part of the Doc Rivers-coached Los Angeles Clippers for a brief period. He knows that coach Rivers signed his son the very next season. His podcast co-host Matt Barnes has maintained that the signing led to coach Rivers losing the locker room. Which eventually denied the Lob City Clippers a chance to compete for the title. There is a possibility this all could be connected.

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