39-year-old newly drafted SmackDown Superstar offers to help Randy Orton and Kevin Owens against The Bloodline

Baron Corbin has rejoined the main roster after a successful run on NXT.

39-year-old newly drafted SmackDown Superstar offers to help Randy Orton and Kevin Owens against The Bloodline

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton (via WWE)

After his tag team partner Bron Breakker moved to Raw, Baron Corbin will restart his singles journey on the blue brand. As such, he has decided to lend a helping hand to the troubled duo of Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. The team of R-KO recently lost a Street Fight tag team match against The Bloodline, thanks to outside interference once again.

Seeing the reigning dominance of The Bloodline, Baron Corbin took to Instagram and sent a message to the veterans. The Lone Wolf said he would be happy to help if they needed it on this week’s episode of SmackDown. Fans were utterly shell-shocked after seeing that the new version of the 39-year-old star was on the good side.

Corbin completely revamped his career when he returned to NXT and formed a partnership with Bron Breakker. They were fan favorites and experienced success as a dominant tag team. The duo won the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and eventually became the NXT Tag Team Champions.

During the 2024 WWE Draft, he was called back to the main roster as a SmackDown Superstar. The message sent to Randy Orton and Kevin Owens could possibly mean that Corbin will get his hands dirty in The Bloodline’s business somewhere down the line.

Baron Corbin reacted to Ricochet’s heartfelt message after a heavy loss on Raw

There is no denying that, in the last few weeks, The One and Only has been gaining momentum with constant wins. Ricochet recently secured the Speed Championship by defeating Johnny Gargano, solidifying his legacy as the inaugural champion. Carrying the confidence to the latest episode of Raw, he battled with Ilja Dragunov but unfortunately lost after a hard-fought battle.

Ricochet, Baron Corbin, and Ilja Dragunov
Ricochet, Baron Corbin, and Ilja Dragunov (via WWE)

The 35-year-old star took to X and apologized to the WWE Universe for disappointing the fans again. A few of his loved ones, including Baron Corbin and his wife, Samantha Irvin, responded to the heartfelt message. Corbin stated that although The Mad Dragon was hard to beat, he did an incredible job against him.

The mad dragon is an absolute animal dude. You killed it
Baron Corbin on X

Meanwhile, Samantha also shared a wholesome response, expressing her love for him. The Lone Wolf will also participate in the King of the Ring tournament and will battle against Carmelo Hayes in the first round. Although Corbin has previously worn the crown of the king, it will be interesting to see if he secures it again.

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