“I’ll point to the ground like Max Holloway” – Belal Muhammad trolls Leon Edwards with hilarious fight prediction

Belal Muhammad reveals bold prediction of Leon Edwards fight with a Max Holloway reference.

“I’ll point to the ground like Max Holloway” – Belal Muhammad trolls Leon Edwards with hilarious fight prediction

Belal Muhammad trolls Leon Edwards with a Max Holloway reference (Image via: IMAGO)

If Max Holloway points to the middle of the octagon to stand and bang, the wise choice is to disengage. Recently, Justin Gaethje found out what would happen. Holloway and his signature action has now become a sensation after UFC 300. Recently, Belal Muhammad referenced it as he trolled his potential opponent, Leon Edwards.

According to many, Muhammad is the rightful contender to challenge the welterweight champion Leon Edwards. However, the UFC has not yet announced the fight, even though Dana White has stated Muhammad was next for Edwards. Moreover, the UFC even offered three fighters (not Muhammad) to headline UFC 300. Nevertheless, nothing has stopped Muhammad from trolling the welterweight champion.

I [Belal Muhammad] picture me coming out piecing him [Leon Edwards] up with boxing the first round then second round I start kicking him and hurting him to the body then third round I start clinching him and hurting him with elbows...and then 4rth round I take him down and start getting him in submissions...I’ll point to the ground like Max Holloway.
Belal Muhammad via Q&A session on X

Funnily enough, Muhammad predicted a 50-42 victory over Edwards. It might be a subtle self-troll as fight fans and fighters often criticize Muhammad’s inability to finish opponents. However, he did finish Sean Brady, the first and only defeat in Brady’s MMA career.

Recently, Dave Lovell, the head coach of Edwards, stated that Muhammad is the likely opponent for Edwards at UFC 304. With the PPV set in Manchester, Muhammad would likely get support from the huge Muslim diaspora in the region. Lovell spoke about it in a recent interview.

Leon Edwards’ coach previews fight with Belal Muhammad

Belal Muhammad has the second-longest active unbeaten streak in the welterweight division behind the champion, Leon Edwards. As such, one could hope he will be next in line for the championship. Even though it felt like someone would leapfrog Muhammad, that is not the case, as he will likely headline UFC 304 in Manchester against Edwards.

Belal Muhammad vows to finish Leon Edwards in the rematch
Belal Muhammad vows to finish Leon Edwards in the rematch (via DAZN)

Dave Lovell, Edwards’ head coach, previewed the fight in his recent interview with Talksport. Lovell has been with Edwards for some time, and his motivational dialogues in the corner have made him a fan favorite. As Edwards’ coach, he will be biased, but he provided a good preview of Edwards vs. Muhammad II.

Belal [Muhamamd], for me, can bring only his wrestling game. Leon's [Edwards] proved to the world he can wrestle with the best. I don't see Belal wanting to stand and strike with him, not at any time at all. He got his ass served to him for a round and a half in the last fight, so I don't see him wanting to stand with Leon. He'd be looking to grind Leon to the cage, take him down, maul him when he's down, and probably steal a decision.
Dave Lovell via Talksport

Moreover, Lovell also spoke about the first time Muhammad fought Edwards, which ended in a No Contest. An eye poke from Edwards rendered Muhamad unable to continue the fight. However, Lovell stated Muhammad was losing and looked for a way out as the eye poke happened. Nonetheless, the fight was some time ago. Both have improved significantly, and the rematch will certainly be better.

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