“No one ever cared about Mike,” Mike Tyson reveals the harsh truth about people not caring about him for his dangerous knockout power

There was a period when Mike Tyson was deemed a threat due to his ferocious fighting style and Tyson felt he was misunderstood.

“No one ever cared about Mike,” Mike Tyson reveals the harsh truth about people not caring about him for his dangerous knockout power

Mike Tyson was feared in his prime days (Image Courtesy - Pinterest)

Legendary Heavyweight Boxer Mike Tyson hosts a podcast with veteran combat sports athletes coming as guests from time to time. There was a time in Tyson’s career when he was misunderstood by everyone thinking about his devastating fighting style. In an interview, Tyson talked about that time in his life when everyone thought he was a danger to others.


Tyson said, “I’m Mike Tyson, I’m labelled a dangerous guy, a bad guy. But when I was in Boston, you know I figured out? Umm, when I was going through these extensive tests, I figured out why am I going through these tests?” When he asked about the same, they said that they were afraid of Tyson hurting somebody. But he replied asking “What about somebody hurting me? No one care about me being hurt? No one ever cared about Mike.”

Tyson remains one of the greatest heavyweight boxers ever fighting inside the ring. His ferocious fighting style and iron chin helped him become one of the fiercest fighters in combat sports history. Joe Rogan once said that the prime version of Mike Tyson remains the most dangerous version of a fighter in history.

Mike Tyson came out of retirement in 2020 and fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout that resulted in a draw. It doesn’t look like Tyson will fight anytime soon, but the right money can bring Tyson back to Boxing in the future. It appears Tyson is happy doing his podcast and reliving past glory with his guests with recent appearances from The Undertaker and Bruce Buffer.


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Mike Tyson is the most dangerous fighter in Heavyweight boxing

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson was a force to be reckoned with (Image Courtesy – Sports Illustrated)

Boxing Heavyweight champion Tyson was feared by everyone during his prime days as a boxer. He has over 40 victories coming by way of knockout as a boxer. His combinations, strength, and stamina remain among the elite class in Heavyweight history.

Until his losses to Evander Holyfield twice, he remained a force in the Heavyweight division, knocking out most of his opponents. Still today, other combat sports experts like Joe Rogan praise Tyson for devastating his opponents.

After retiring, Mike Tyson has a podcast on YouTube where he hosts famous combat sports athletes from time to time. Many famous athletes like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Henry Cejudo, The Undertaker, and other famous personalities have appeared on the podcast.


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