Bizarre Beefs: Jake Paul gets called out by Beetlejuice the entertainer for a fight

Beetlejuice feels that he is capable of taking on Jake Paul in the boxing ring and Paul is all too happy to play along.

Jake Paul X Beetlejuice
Paul was challenged to a fight by the entertainer

Beetlejuice and Jake Paul can be summarized as two same acts from different generations, although the former was loved far more widely than the latter ever could dream of. Recently these cultural pillars from two different times clashed as they decided to meet at the common convergence point of any celebrity beef in the 2020s, the boxing ring.

A few days ago, Beetlejuice, real name Lester Green, challenged the former Youtuber to a boxing fight, posting a promotional poster for a fight between himself and Paul. Captioned, “Can’t hide forever” it seemed like the Howard Stern Show alumni really wanted a fight with the up-and-coming boxer.

Today Paul responded to the callout by simply posting a video of him pretending to tremble in fear. Noticeably for someone like Paul who’s life revolves around social media numbers, it was significantly lower than the original tragic of Green’s post. However Paul seemed to take the call out as just that, a joke.

With his response, Beetlejuice confirmed that it was no joke and he really was going to land his hardest punches on Paul. He replied to Paul’s video saying, “You dink it’s funny? Ya head gunna be shakin like a fckn fire hydrant” Obviously the man means business.

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Who is Beetlejuice and will he really fight Jake Paul?

Jake Paul x Beetlejuice
Paul is scheduled to face MMA legend Anderson Silva this October

Beetlejuice is an entertainer best known for his appearances on the Howard Stern show, most remembered for his obviously wrong answers to the most simple questions. In fact long after the show fell from the top, Green managed to stay relevant in the meme culture as well as online humor.

Green suffers from Dwarfism and microcephaly, a condition that leads to a form of intellectual disability. For many years critics have argued if it’s ethical to have someone in his state be on national TV. Green himself seems to have no issues with it.

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While he has laced up a pair of gloves in the past many times, it was to face fellow dwarfs and not trained athletes. While Jake’s status as an athlete is still in question, he certainly trains so we hope that in good consciousness no commission actually ever sanctions this fight.

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