Canelo Alvarez threatens Conor McGregor with ‘one hand’ beating after disrespecting Mexican’s performance against Floyd Mayweather

Canelo Alvarez responds against Conor McGregor on social media, suggesting he can beat the MMA star with just one hand.

Canelo Alvarez threatens Conor McGregor with ‘one hand’ beating after disrespecting Mexican’s performance against Floyd Mayweather

Canelo Alvarez and Conor McGregor exchange shots on social media ( Image via Imago )

Canelo Alvarez is not one to let Conor McGregor‘s jabs slide without a response. When McGregor lauded Floyd Mayweather for his performance against Canelo, Alvarez fired back, asserting that he could defeat the UFC sensation Conor McGregor with just one hand.


Back in September 2013, Canelo Alvarez lost to Floyd Mayweather in his first-ever career loss. In a bout characterized by Mayweather’s impeccable defense, Alvarez was limited to connecting with a mere number of his punches, with a paltry success rate in his jabs. “I just need one hand with you and I don’t need to throw so many punches,” Canelo addressed Conor McGregor.

Comparatively, Conor McGregor managed to land more number of his punches against Mayweather. However, it is crucial to remember that Floyd Mayweather was 40 years old and coming out of retirement for a paycheck. In contrast, when Canelo faced Mayweather, the boxing legend was still performing at a near-prime level at 36. Conor McGregor shot back at Canelo as he wrote on X: “Saul you uncooked chicken,… I don’t even need hands to end you,… I will see you and we will see. Canelo is a cornflake, no sugar.”

Canelo Alvarez’s prowess in the boxing ring is unquestionable. He is the current titleholder for the best pound-for-pound boxer globally. This makes him a more attractive prospect than Conor McGregor. The Irish superstar is nearing his highly anticipated comeback to the UFC octagon.


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Fans react to Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez’s back-and-forth on social media

The unexpected jabs being thrown between Canelo and McGregor have intrigued netizens on social media. Fans cannot help but wonder if this sudden back-and-forth between the two superstars is a foreshadowing of an upcoming matchup. They took to the comment section to share their reactions to the current rivalry. Here are some of the reactions from X ( previously known as Twitter ) :

Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather
Conor McGregor went 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather in debut boxing match ( Image source: Twitter )

The idea of Canelo Alvarez fighting Conor McGregor has generated interest, but it remains speculative. No official announcement or fight date has been confirmed. If a showdown between the two combat stars does happen, it will be one of the biggest crossover matchups in combat sports history.

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