“One is scared”- Darren Till questions matchmaking in boxing using Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis

UFC star Darren Till believes that Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis have "yes men" around then who would make everything easy for them.

Darren Till gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia
Darren Till gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis are some of biggest names in current boxing scenario. It was pretty much expected that the pair cross paths with each other in future and it happened. It all started when, Gracia made an guest appearance in Mike Tyson’s yotube podcast, ‘Hot Boxin’ with Mike Tyson’.

During the conversation, Tyson made a call to Davis and arranged a virtual video call between both the fighters. It was at that interaction, the pair verbally agreed to fight each other. Now that Garcia defeated Javier Fortuna via knockout,he desperately wants to fight Davis. The ‘ Tank ‘ similarly fought Rolando Romero and defended his lightweight title earlier this year. Both the fighters are not scheduled for any other fight and there was a high possibility of them fighting one another.

But lately there has been some problems regarding the agreement of this much anticipated fight. Gracia is interested to make the fight at 140 lbs, however, Davis by taking Floyd Mayweather’s advice wants it to be at 135 lbs. Recently, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza in an interview told that the fight has a great possibility to take place currently there are some things to take care of. He said :

“Ongoing discussions, still very early in that process. There are some significant obstacles there but again ‘Tank’ and Ryan both want the fight very badly.”

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“Bang the fight gets made” – Darren Till questions with ‘yes men’ helping boxers, how great match-ups are failing to get materialised?

Darren Till gervonta Davis Ryan Garcia
“One is scared”- Darren Till questions matchmaking in boxing using Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis 2

Darren Till seems to be a frequent follower of boxing and as a fighter himself, must be getting thrilled knowing about such an amazing fight.

However, the Brit is not happy with the whole situation which is holding down the fight from taking place. In a recent tweet, Till asked the fans what are these hinderances that are stopping the fight from happening. Till questioned what is the problem if both the fighters are ready and want the fight so badly. In the end, Till also mentioned that there is a chance that the delay is being caused as one of the fighters is scared for the fight.

“I may be a little naive, but what obstacles are in the way of tank and Garcia fighting?
Both of the fighters say to their yes men around them make the fight at whatever cost, hurdles or anything else to jump over and bang the fight gets made.If it doesn’t then one side is scared,” wrote Till.

Till asked the question which has in the mind of every boxing fan who follows the sports wants to ask. However, it is very common for fights of this calibre taking time in the making with an agreement which is mutually acceptable by both parties. Nevertheless, the hype around the fight is massive and it is going to be huge pay-per-view event when it happens .

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