“Boxing needs this fight,” David Benavidez claims compatriot Canelo Alvarez must fight him to keep payday heights soaring

Undefeated fighter David Benavidez claims boxing legend Canelo Alvarez needs the fight against him ahead of potential matchup in 2024

“Boxing needs this fight,” David Benavidez claims compatriot Canelo Alvarez must fight him to keep payday heights soaring

Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez ( Image via Imago / X )

David Benavidez recently expressed his belief that Canelo Alvarez needed to face him in the ring. Benavidez suggested that Canelo would realize the toll meager fights take on his legacy.


Benavidez stated that this would make Canelo recognize the necessity of facing him in a future bout. In a recent interview with Pro Box TV, David Benavidez said:

I feel like Canelo does need me. If he really wants to cement his legacy and make big fights happen. At the end of the day, he’s fighting for money too. He gets paid a lot. I think if he wants to keep getting paid like this then this is the biggest fight to make. Boxing needs this fight.
David Benavidez on Canelo Alvarez fight

This statement added an intriguing perspective to the potential matchup between the two fighters. David Benavidez has an undefeated boxing record of 28-0. Benavidez has achieved two super-middleweight world title wins, showcasing his prowess in the ring.

Meanwhile, Canelo Alvarez boasts a remarkable record in his boxing career. Canelo’s career includes numerous world titles, making him a four-division world champion. His overall boxing record is 60-2-2, solidifying his reputation as one of the best boxers globally.


There is a belief that Canelo will not face Benavidez for reasons similar to why he would not rematch Dmitry Bivol. Canelo Alvarez had admitted that his defeat to Bivol in 2022 was painful. He confessed that he should not have fought Bivol at that time due to an injury that troubled him. But reportedly, Bivol started asking for certain conditions for the rematch that were unacceptable to Canelo or his team. It is possible that money and other terms may serve as a concern for Canelo and his team against Benavidez.

Canelo Alvarez may have to forfeit title if he refused to fight David Benavidez

Juan Manuel Marquez urged the World Boxing Council (WBC) to strip Saul “Canelo” Alvarez of his title if he refused to fight Benavidez. Marquez contended that Canelo’s avoidance of a title defense was detrimental to the sport.

Canelo Alvarez
Canelo Alvarez may have to give up title ( Image source: X )

This request places pressure on the WBC. It emphasizes the significance of upholding integrity and competitiveness within the super middleweight division. As a governing body, the WBC now faces a decision that may impact the championship landscape. This could potentially lead to Canelo forfeiting the title if he declined the proposed fight against Benavidez.

In November, David Benavidez secured a victory over Demetrius Andrade by TKO in the sixth round. Benavidez dominated Andrade, with the match ending in the sixth round. The winner was supposed to earn the opportunity to challenge Canelo. While various potential opponents were considered, including Jermall Charlo and Terence Crawford, the finalized matchup is now set against Benavidez in 2024.


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