“I should be the main event,” Deontay Wilder proposes epic coin toss with Anthony Joshua for main event spotlight

Former WBC champion Deontay Wilder provides details about his upcoming fight and discusses a possible battle with Anthony Joshua.

“I should be the main event,” Deontay Wilder proposes epic coin toss with Anthony Joshua for main event spotlight

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder coin toss for main event ( Image via Imago )

Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua are on a path to face each other in 2024. Wilder expressed belief in the inevitability of the matchup. Both fighters can set up the anticipated bout. However, before that, they will fight their respective matches on the same bill in Saudi Arabia in December of 2023.

The two heavyweights recently met face-to-face in a press conference in London, where Wilder expressed goodwill towards Joshua. Deontay Wilder later revealed in an interview with 78SPORTSTV on YouTube that he was unsure of who would claim the main event. Therefore Wilder had suggested that they should flip a coin for it. Wilder said:

...Now far as another thing I am not for certain of is whether I'mma be the main event or Joshua gonna be the main event, we don't know yet...I requested them to do a flip of a coin...so we'll see what happens...

Deontay Wilder accused Anthony Joshua of turning down a $50 million offer to fight him. This heightened anticipation for their potential clash. Wilder expressed frustration. He stated that Joshua initially asked for $50 million, which Wilder agreed to, but Joshua later changed his stance. This has stirred controversy. Wilder has criticized Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn for allegedly rejecting the opportunity to face him.

Deontay Wilder was later joined in the interview by Malik Scott. They have a history in the boxing ring. In a match captured on video, Wilder knocked out Scott in the first round. However, Scott, now Wilder’s trainer, expressed frustration with Wilder’s inactivity in boxing, attributing it to business challenges within the sport.

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Deontay Wilder and Francis Ngannou’s potential showdown

Discussions about a potential fight between Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder are underway. However, it will not be in the boxing realm. There has been interest in a super fight, and it could take place in MMA, indicating a crossover matchup.

Francis Ngannou Deontay Wilder
Francis Ngannou vs Deontay Wilder is the next potential matchup ( Image via Imago )

Ngannou, known for his achievements in MMA, has responded to Wilder’s fight offer. He suggested that the negotiations are progressing. The specifics of the terms will differ from expectations, adding an element of surprise to the potential matchup. Recently, in an interview with Ariel Helwani, Ngannou revealed the details of the matchup. He said:

That’s something that can potentially happen. Deontay Wilder...has been training MMA because there’s an option here...Deontay Wilder is very interested in MMA,... It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be a different beast for him.

Deontay Wilder plans to transition to MMA before retiring from professional sports. Wilder expressed his interest in fighting in the UFC, with fans speculating the potential matchup with Francis Ngannou. This move came after Wilder held the WBC heavyweight title from 2015 to 2020, successfully defending it ten times. Will his legacy in boxing, known for his powerful knockout ability, translate into MMA? Only time will tell.


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