“Biggest ego in the arena” – Fans react as ICONIC picture of Floyd Mayweather congratulating Canelo Alvarez after historic win against Jermell Charlo goes viral 

Floyd Mayweather congratulated Canelo Alvarez ringside after his victory over Jermell Charlo.

“Biggest ego in the arena” – Fans react as ICONIC picture of Floyd Mayweather congratulating Canelo Alvarez after historic win against Jermell Charlo goes viral 

Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather (Image credits- IMAGO)

Canelo Alvarez defeated Jermell Charlo in their undisputed clash after securing a unanimous decision victory after 12 rounds. Furthermore, Floyd Mayweather witnessed the bout ringside and even congratulated Alvarez after the fight by shaking his hand. Both Alvarez and Charlo started their careers two decades ago and have a similar boxing record.

The fight was hard to predict, but Alvarez was able to dominate the bout and give Charlo his first loss. Prior to the match, there was a bit of trash talk between both fighters because Charlo had undermined Canelo’s skills. However, the former’s trash talk motivated Alvarez to show who the superior fighter is with his skills in the ring. Subsequently, Alvarez wanted to prove Charlo wrong and his haters and doubters, too, with an amazing performance.

In Curmel Moton’s post-fight press conference, Floyd Mayweather showed his respect for Canelo Alvarez and called him a great champion. Furthermore, Mayweather stated that Alvarez did an amazing job in the fight. The boxing legend was referring to Alvarez’s boxing skills. Both fighters fought each other in 2013, and Alvarez suffered the first loss of his career that night. Subsequently, both of them have had a feud ever since then.

Canelo Alvarez has stated that if Mayweather fought him in his prime, he would lose. The latter also throws occasional shots at the 33-year-old. However, recently, they seem to have left their feud in the past, and they behave cordially with each other.

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Fans react to Floyd Mayweather congratulating Canelo Alvarez 

Witnessing the two old rivals, who have had a fiery feud for the last decade, was surprising to several people. However, Alvarez has spoken about Floyd Mayweather and his first loss during his appearance in Full Send podcast. He admitted that Mayweather was the better fighter.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (image credit- Marca)

In addition, the 33-year-old stated that he learned a lot that night and decided that he would become the best in the world. Hence, it appears that Alvarez does not hold a grudge against his former rival, who is now retired. Subsequently, fans reacted with mixed reactions on social media after witnessing their photo together.

Many fans commented about how Floyd Mayweather is not maintaining eye contact with Canelo Alvarez and appears to be awkward. Furthermore, some fans called it a proud father-son moment because Alvarez learned a lot from his first loss to Mayweather. Subsequently, some fans appreciated how the two goats were respecting each other and being cordial.

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