After winning over boxing world, Francis Ngannou gets offer from Tyson Fury’s former opponent for Saudi matchup

Francis Ngannou will have plenty of challengers in the heavyweight division of boxing. A former Tyson Fury opponent wishes to box Ngannou in the squared circle.

After winning over boxing world, Francis Ngannou gets offer from Tyson Fury’s former opponent for Saudi matchup

Francis Ngannou (image credit- IMAGO)

Francis Ngannou established himself as one of the most profitable fighters in the heavyweight division on October 28. Subsequently, he went head-to-head with current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who has an undefeated professional boxing record. However, Francis Ngannou shocked the world by delivering a stellar performance against Fury and even knocking him down to the canvas. Subsequently, Fury was able to secure his victory after a controversial split decision in his favor.


Since then, numerous prominent opponents have challenged ‘The Predator’ to a fight. These boxers want to determine whether Ngannou’s performance against the reigning WBC heavyweight champion was an isolated incident. The most recent heavyweight boxer to issue a challenge was Derek Chisora. In addition, Chisora uploaded a teaser poster of their potential bout in Saudi Arabia with the caption:

Love this game, I want this fight.
Derek Chisora via X.

Chisora is a well-known and formidable heavyweight, and his professional boxing record includes three losses to Fury. Since Ngannou was able to perform so well against Fury, he might be a tough opponent for Chisora since he lost three times against Fury.

However, boxing fans find the matchup interesting and would like to see how Ngannou performs against other heavyweight fighters. Rumors swirl of a Fury rematch, a potential bout with Anthony Joshua, or an MMA clash with Deontay Wilder could all come to Ngannou’s doorstep.


Francis Ngannou wants a rematch against Tyson Fury

Many people felt that Ngannou would not be a formidable opponent because of Fury’s boxing experience, knowledge, and skills. However, Ngannou defied the odds and instead gave Fury one of the toughest fights of his career. Furthermore, the bout lasted for 10 rounds, and Ngannou was a tough opponent for Fury till the end.

Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury
Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury (Source: Twitter)

Fury emerged as the victor of the fight after a controversial split decision, which is being called a “robbery.” In an interview with TMZ, Ngannou stated that he wanted to fight Fury in a rematch next. Furthermore, Ngannou has several new options after his performance against Fury. However, Ngannou wished to choose wisely and pursue the rematch against Fury next.

In addition, Fury is set to face Oleksandr Usyk in a heavyweight unification bout that has not happened since 1999. The bout was expected to be in December in Saudi Arabia, but it was postponed to February 2024.

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