“Wrestling is best base for boxing” – Impressed by Terence Crawford’s wrestling skills, fans call Dana White to offer undisputed champ UFC contract

After spectacular victory over Errol Spence Jr., Terence Crawford engages in light wrestling; video goes viral.

“Wrestling is best base for boxing” – Impressed by Terence Crawford’s wrestling skills, fans call Dana White to offer undisputed champ UFC contract

Terence Crawford engages in a light wrestling spar and impresses the internet ( Image source: L- Twitter R- Getty Images )

Terence Crawford has set tongues wagging about a potential MMA bout. This was thanks to his eye-catching video of wrestling which is currently going viral on social media. Terence Crawford is widely acknowledged as one of the best boxers of this generation. However, his background in wrestling fascinated everybody.


Wrestling appears to be something of a family tradition for Crawford. His father, Terence “BoMac” Crawford Sr., was an accomplished wrestler. Terence’s father, grandfather, and uncles were all accomplished wrestlers. Their influence has undeniably left an indelible mark on Crawford that sparked his love for combat sports. Terence Crawford, despite being a boxer is an apt wrestler, as proven by the latest video.

Ariel Helwani promptly posted the video on Twitter. Viewers were captivated by Crawford’s skills and applauded him in the comments. Crawford had previously outlined the various benefits of wrestling as compared to the dangerous sport of boxing. He expressed his keen interest in ensuring his children received a wrestling education. Crawford firmly believes that it would lay a solid groundwork for them.

Terence Crawford recently came off a victory over Errol Spence Jr. Crawford scored a ninth-round TKO over Errol Spence. It was a widely covered event for the undisputed welterweight championship. Thus the light-hearted wrestling session after the spectacular performance in the ring impressed the internet. They took to social media to share their ideas about Terence Crawford’s MMA prospects.


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Internet reacts to Terence Crawford’s wrestling skills after viral video

Terence Crawford
Terence Crawford’s wrestling video goes viral( Image source: Instagram )

The Internet was surprised by Terence Crawford’s viral video exercising his wrestling stories. Fans urge and speculate Crawford’s entry into the MMA world. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:

Terence is an impressive athlete. His family legacy and his prospective ideas for his children present an exciting future to behold.

With a professional record of 40 wins and 0 losses, 31 of which were knockouts, he clearly has established himself in the books of boxing. However, the 35-year-old Southpaw has not yet mentioned anything about his intentions to transition to mixed martial arts.


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