“Jake Paul is a Pu**y” Incredible atmosphere as Tyson Fury riles up an auditorium by chanting obscenities at Jake Paul

Tyson Fury makes an auditorium scream obscenities at Jake Paul

Tyson Fury x Jake Paul
Fury and Paul resume their constant back and forth

Jake Paul picked the wrong person to taunt in Tyson Fury. The Gypsy King has been known to play the trash talk game akin to a God of the genre and throughout the years has had few of the most stoic boxing professionals break their cool due to his antics. Hence it comes as no surprise that the moment Paul picked a fight with the Fury family, Tyson went all in.

It was announced last week that Jake Paul’s opponent for his scheduled August fight at the MSG would be Tommy Fury, Tyson’s half-brother. While Paul had had success in playing mind games with Tommy, the older Fury is a whole another ball game. The Gypsy King came to be known as such due to his outlandish personality in press conferences and in the ring where he made some of the best boxers including Wladimir Klitschko lose his composure.

Recently the two went back and forth on social media over placing bets on the upcoming fight. While Tyson placed a wager of $100k on his brother, Paul pointed out that for a man like Tyson who is boxing’s top earner, a measly sum of 100k shows a lack of confidence in his brother’s abilities. Tyson abided and raised the bet to a million dollars, asking Jake to provide proof of payment. He also added that he wants “Real US Green Bags” and not crypto payments doubting if the American even has that kind of cash.

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Tyson Fury taunts Jake Paul with the help of an auditorium full of fans

Tyson Fury x Jake Paul
Tommy and Jake are set to headline the Madison Square Garden

Recently the Gypsy King took a page out of Paul’s biggest rival, KSI’s book, and got a crowd riled up against the younger Paul brother. KSI had used his stage time at Wembley to get the entire stadium chanting, “F*ck Jake Paul.” Now Fury has come out with something similar.

Fury is currently on a speaking tour around England where he talks to auditoriums full of crowds eager to listen to his life story and his incredible climb back to the championship. On one such stop, Fury engaged the audience in the trash talk against Paul, getting them to sing in unison, “Jake Paul is a pu**y”

Tyson can be heard shouting at the top of his lungs in the background, playing mind games with the YouTuber and gaining support for his brother. Tommy Fury will be Paul’s first opponent to be an actual professional boxer with a record. The undercard at Madison Square Garden will feature Amanda Serrano along with other fighters from Jake Paul’s MVP promotion.

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