“See you soon Saul,” Jake Paul aims for greatness targeting Canelo Alvarez seeking to become the ultimate sports story

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul reveals a poster for a potential matchup against Canelo Alvarez in a recent post on X.

“See you soon Saul,” Jake Paul aims for greatness targeting Canelo Alvarez seeking to become the ultimate sports story

Jake Paul wants to fight Canelo Alvarez (Image via Imago)

Jake Paul is eyeing a high-stakes showdown with Canelo Álvarez. He made the case, comparing it to his brother Logan Paul’s fight with Floyd Mayweather. Following Canelo’s recent successful defense of his super-middleweight championship, Jake wasted no time in making his intentions clear.

He expressed disappointment with Jermell Charlo’s performance and punching power. Paul assured his fans that Canelo would soon experience his formidable strength. Fresh off his commanding unanimous decision win, Canelo Álvarez has been suggested as a logical opponent for Jake Paul.

This is due to the wide-ranging appeal of such a matchup. In a post-fight interview with Showtime Sports, Canelo acknowledged the potential matchup. Jake declared his intentions in a post on X. He wrote, “Logan fought Floyd and I will fight Canelo and show the world why I’m the greatest sports story ever. See you soon Saul”.

Financially, a bout with Paul promises to be a windfall for Canelo. It could potentially rank as his most lucrative payday to date. Nevertheless, there’s no certainty that this opportunity will remain available in the future. Jake Paul might venture into new endeavors, or his popularity might decline.

From a sporting perspective, facing Jake Paul may not be Canelo Alvarez’s most compelling option. However, the prospect of a substantial payday might be too enticing to overlook. As fans eagerly await the outcome of Jake Paul’s challenge, it is undeniable that this proposition has piqued the interest of the boxing world.

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Canelo Alvarez expressed willingness to face Jake Paul in the ring

Canelo Alvarez has surprised many by expressing his willingness to step into the ring with Jake Paul. However, there is a caveat – it is a prospect reserved for the distant future.

Jake Paul Nate Diaz
Jake Paul beat Nate Diaz in August (Image source : X)

During his appearance on the Full Send podcast, Alvarez mused, “When I’m done with boxing, why not? Maybe. Maybe I do it,” Alvarez said. “Why not? I think it’s good … They wanna watch Jake Paul because he brings fans from other worlds, not boxing fans. That’s good… “ Nonetheless, he firmly asserted that their respective skill levels remain poles apart and advised Paul to embrace the opportunities and challenges within his current domain of competition.

He did extend a measure of admiration for what Jake Paul has accomplished in the world of crossover boxing. However, he is sure Paul can never beat him in a fight. Therefore, Canelo Alvarez has shown a willingness to entertain the idea of confronting Jake Paul in the future. He acknowledged the appeal of such an unconventional spectacle to audiences. Fans cannot wait for Paul’s eccentric dream to come true.

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