“Me on his mind all the time,” Jake Paul claims KSI’s plans to shadowbox with IShowSpeed backfired

Boxer Jake Paul critiques KSI's deliberate undermining attempt to fight the same day as him. Paul fired back on the British YouTube sensation in his own words.

“Me on his mind all the time,” Jake Paul claims KSI’s plans to shadowbox with IShowSpeed backfired

KSI and Jake Paul (Source: IMAGO)

Influencer Darren Jason Watkins Jr, or IShowSpeed, recently called out KSI for a charity bout. The duo first scuffled at the Sidemen charity football matches. KSI recently took to X to accept the fight for Dec. 15 with one of the most famous online streamers. Coincidentally, Dec. 15 also happens to be Jake Paul’s rival’s matchup with Andre August.

KSI, an influencer-boxer, is freshly reeling from his loss to boxer Tommy Fury. However, he agreed upon a bout with the streamer, with proceeds going to charity. The date also marks when Paul takes on 10-1 seasoned boxer August. Paul is opinionated that this was done deliberately to water down his fight. In an interview, he talked about the charity bout. This is what he said:

The whole entire thing has backfired since its brought more attention to my fight...A 30-year-old guy is out there with me on his mind all the time...
Jake Paul on KSI vs. IShowSpeed

The “Problem Child” has a record of 7-1-0. He usually opts for MMA crossovers with guys who are not traditional boxers. Hence, Paul’s move to face a much-seasoned boxer this time has been critically delved into. But Paul himself is excited to prove himself once more and shut down his critics.

KSI’s fierce feud with Jake dates back as far as 2018. The influencer had challenged him and his brother Logan Paul to an amateur boxing bout. The latter became his business partner, opening the Prime energy drink brand. But things aren’t as smooth with Jake, who is critical of KSI.

Jake Paul weighs in on his goal to become world champion

Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is a man on a mission. The boxer with seven wins and 4 KOs recently defeated UFC star and free agent Nate Diaz (0-1, pro-boxing). The boxer outclassed the opponent on the scorecards 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91. Additionally, the boxer has thus shifted attention to a much tougher opponent in Andre August. August has far more knockouts and experience than any of his other opponents to date.

Jake Paul, who faces Andre August next, weighs in on his championship aspirations
Jake Paul weighs in on his championship aspirations (Source: Pinterest)

Jake Paul hopes to become a powerhouse in the boxing world. He has dominated the influencer scene and hopes to become a mainstay in the traditional boxing circuit. Paul has a trajectory in mind when it comes to his career. Check out his mission in the boxing scene below:

Further, in a more recent interview with ESPN, the boxer again touched roots on aiming at becoming a world champion and cementing his legacy. Paul will fight on Dec. 15, which coincidentally clashes with KSI fighting fellow influencer IShowSpeed, a move that the boxer explicitly considers deliberate.

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