“Already know he can outbox,” UFC Veteran boldly picks Jake Paul to outshine Nate Diaz in potential MMA clash

Matt Brown talked about a potential MMA fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz. Brown thinks Diaz would lose the MMA fight as well.

“Already know he can outbox,” UFC Veteran boldly picks Jake Paul to outshine Nate Diaz in potential MMA clash

Matt Brown favors Jake Paul's chances over Nate Diaz, in MMA bout (Source: Pinterest/Twitter)

Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz in their anticipated boxing bout. He has made many subsequent callouts to Diaz in the hopes of fighting in MMA. Paul wants the bout to happen at PFL, which Diaz dislikes. Amidst all this, Matt “The Immortal” Brown is opinionated towards a favorable outcome for Paul.

Appearing on the 2023 PFL Championship card, Jake Paul doubled down on his demand to face Diaz when he finally transitions from boxing to MMA. PFL founder Donn Davis stated that he would pay Diaz a whopping $15 million purse to make the fight a reality. This offer had circulated before as well. The UFC veteran Brown has pitched in on the matter in an episode of “The Fighter vs. the Writer.” This is what he said:

Jake Paul, I’m going to pick him to win. I’m going to pick him to beat Nate Diaz in MMA...We already know he can outbox him, When was the last time you saw Nate Diaz take someone down? But I don’t think he’ll be able to take him down, even if he tries to...
Matt Brown on Paul vs. Diaz in MMA

Brown further stated, that at a probable 185lbs, Diaz is quite undersized than the boxer. He was also critical of Diaz’s wrestling skills. While Paul did get the upper hand in their previous boxing encounter, the spectrum of MMA provides more valuable options. However, Brown believed with Diaz tending to strike hand-first, his chances still remained low.

Paul defeated MMA legend Diaz in way of a unanimous 10-round cruiserweight decision last time around. Since then, Diaz has gone to and fro on a rematch. Diaz is famed for his submissive maneuvers, which account for 12 of his highlights. Thus, a shift to MMA might be challenging for Paul.

Jake Paul reacts to PFL acquisition of Bellator

Commenting on the Bellator-PFL merger recently announced by PFL Chairman Donn Davis, boxing personality Jake Paul has weighed in positively. The social influencer-turned-boxer Paul is a fairly new addition to the promotion. Professional Fighters League (PFL) acquiring holding interests over Bellator had recently sent shockwaves throughout the MMA world. This marks the union of the #2 and #3 biggest combative sports promotions, barring UFC.

Jake Paul weighs in on PFL purchasing Bellator
Jake Paul weighs in on PFL purchasing Bellator (Source: Twitter/IMAGO)

Reeling from the fact, Paul has chimed in on the matter. Along with the likes of Derek Brunson and Francis Ngannou, he is one of the big names who was recently acquired by the promotion. Taking to X, he said:

Massive news, the PFL has acquired Bellator...This is insane news for the whole entire industry and it makes PFL even more of a global powerhouse with a fight roster equal to that of the UFC’s. We have some challenges, let’s prove it, their champions versus our champions, let’s make it happen...
Jake Paul via X.

Paul reportedly intends to make his MMA debut in 2024 as part of the PFL’s newly created Super Fight division. The debut will only happen if former UFC star Nate Diaz accepts the offer. Before that, he faces Andre August in a boxing bout this December.

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