After claims of $10,000,000 MMA rematch, Jake Paul’s promotion confirms PFL arranging Nate Diaz super fight

Under a multi-million dollar contract with the PFL, YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul may fight Nate Diaz in the octagon.

After claims of $10,000,000 MMA rematch, Jake Paul’s promotion confirms PFL arranging Nate Diaz super fight

Jake Paul might fight Nate Diaz in the PFL (Image via Imago)

Jake Paul‘s final fight of 2023 will not be against Nate Diaz in a highly anticipated rematch. However, he has accepted an offer that might potentially lead to an even greater and more magnificent showdown.


According to a tweet from MVP, the message was crystal clear: Jake Paul will not be engaging Nate Diaz in another boxing match. However, there is one surprising twist. Jake Paul has reportedly accepted an offer to step into the octagon against Nate Diaz under the PFL banner.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the combat sports community. Prior to their initial boxing showdown, Jake Paul had boldly stated that he would pay Nate Diaz $10 million for a fight inside the octagon, to which Diaz responded by expressing his preference for the UFC octagon.

Interestingly, during their boxing match, Diaz playfully hinted at what might happen under MMA rules when he attempted a late guillotine choke on Paul in the final round.


The announcement of Jake Paul’s return to the ring has created quite a buzz. However, it has left many wondering who his next opponent might be. Most Valuable Promotions (MVP), Jake Paul‘s official promotion, made it abundantly clear that a Diaz rematch was not in the cards. With less than two months remaining until the fight night, the big question that lingers is who Jake Paul will face in the ring.

Dana White revealed that he does not hate Jake Paul in an interview with Mike Tyson

Dana White‘s response to Jake Paul’s relentless jabs is remarkably composed. During a recent appearance on “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” the UFC CEO made it quite clear that harboring any animosity towards Paul is not part of his agenda. White perceives Jake as a youthful figure perpetually seeking the spotlight, and he does not let it get under his skin.

Dana White
Dana White said he does not hate Jake Paul ( Image source: Twitter )

In contrast to this, Jake has emerged as a fervent advocate for increased fighter pay within the UFC. He has frequently taken aim at White for what he believes is unfair compensation for UFC athletes. White, however, regards these actions as mere endeavors to seize the public’s attention. Dana White said in a conversation with Mike Tyson:

 I don’t f*cking hate Jake Paul…he’s a young kid, and he’s just trying to get attention… Whatever – it’s all good.

Conversely, Dana White enjoys a cordial and business-oriented relationship with Jake Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul. Logan Paul’s venture, “Prime”, has even entered into a partnership with the UFC. Dana White commends Logan Paul for his exceptional business acumen. He labeled him as nothing short of brilliant.


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