Nate Diaz offered $15,000,000 to ditch UFC’s Conor McGregor trilogy to take on Jake Paul in PFL MMA match

PFL founder Donn Davis offers Nate Diaz millions of dollars to again face Jake Paul in an MMA fight in the PFL

Nate Diaz offered $15,000,000 to ditch UFC’s Conor McGregor trilogy to take on Jake Paul in PFL MMA match

Nate Diaz to choose between Conor McGregor and Jake Paul ( Image via Imago )

Nate Diaz has been offered a substantial deal to fight Jake Paul in a PFL MMA match. The amount is reported to be ranging from $10 million to $15 million.


The offer came as Diaz’s UFC contract has concluded and he is now a free agent. Nate Diaz now faces the decision to either engage in a prospective trilogy fight with Conor McGregor or take on Jake Paul in a PFL MMA match. PFL founder Donn Davis stated in a recent interview at The MMA Hour: “‘Here’s $15 million, here’s Jake, we have all the infrastructure at PFL, and we’re easy to work with.’ Dink. The light’s on.”

Despite the lucrative offer, there are reports that Diaz was hesitant or unwilling to accept the challenge from Jake Paul in MMA. Donn Davis formerly stated that Diaz is “ducking” the rematch. Diaz has faced criticism for allegedly avoiding rematches in the past, with Davis slamming him for not taking the opportunity.


Diaz, who has his promotion, has not ruled out a return to the UFC. Especially considering the prospect of a trilogy fight against Conor McGregor. Diaz has a significant offer on the table to fight Jake Paul in a PFL MMA match, but his decision remains uncertain.

Jake Paul says Nate Diaz is afraid to face him in MMA

Jake Paul claimed Nate Diaz was hesitant to risk his MMA reputation in a potential fight. Paul asserted that Diaz knew it would be “really tough”. Jake is open to shifting his focus to MMA if the PFL calls or if Diaz accepts the challenge. Diaz has yet to respond to Paul’s offer for an MMA rematch.

Jake Paul Nate Diaz
Jake Paul beat Nate Diaz in August ( Image source : Twitter )

Jake Paul expressed confidence that Diaz was apprehensive about the potential difficulty of the fight. In an interview with MMA Junkie, Jake said: “I truly believe that he knows it would be a really tough fight for him, and I think that’s the thing for him where he’s like, ‘Damn, do I risk my whole MMA reputation by giving this kid a chance here?’”

Previously, Jake Paul and Nate Diaz engaged in a cruiserweight professional crossover boxing match. Paul won the fight via decision. Post the match, Diaz challenged Paul to a rematch. He called for a December date under boxing rules, but Paul pushed an MMA rematch offer from the PFL instead.


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