“He knocks people out” – Joe Rogan believes Jake Paul is ideal matchup for Mike Tyson in exhibition fight

UFC commentator Joe Rogan believes Mike Tyson should fight Jake Paul out of the two Paul brothers.

Joe Rogan Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul
Joe Rogan talks Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a fan of superstars fighting in exhibition bouts. Rogan believes if Mike Tyson were to fight either of the Paul brothers, Jake Paul would be the right matchup.

Legendary boxer, Mike Tyson returned to fighting in 2020 when he took on his former opponent Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout. The fight got a great reception from fans of boxing and the heavyweight boxer himself has recently said that he wouldn’t mind returning to the ring again. Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation has been in the headlines of the combat sports world for the past two years for his accomplishments in the boxing ring.

The YouTube boxer has managed to link himself with some of the biggest names in the sport and has also been in talks with Tyson himself for an exhibition bout. Jake’s brother Logan Paul on the other hand is coming off a fight against Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match. Joe Rogan believes if there’s anyone that could pull off an event fighting against Tyson it would be the Paul brothers.

In the recent episode of the JRE podcast, Rogan sits down with Ali Siddiq and talks about the possibility of Mike fighting the Paul brothers. “They’re still talking about him [Mike] fighting either Logan or Jake Paul. Like, that’s crazy,” said Rogan talking to his guest on the podcast.

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Joe Rogan believes Logan Paul is more technical than Jake

Logan and Jake Paul get offers from Bellator
The Paul brothers

“I think Jake would probably be the better fight. The better one is Jake. Jake is the one who knocks people out. Logan’s more of a boxer,” said Rogan on who would be the better option for Mike to fight. Joe once had a sat down with Mike on the Hotboxin podcast and discussed the chances of the legendary boxer fighting the YouTube boxers.

When Joe Rogan, Mike on his podcast recently in 2022, the UFC commentator asked how Mike felt about the Paul brothers calling him out and Tyson was very welcoming of it. Mike looks at a boxing match against Jake or Logan as a business opportunity given it would sell tons of pay-per-view all over the world.

There is no doubt that the world would tune it to watch Tyson knock Jake Paul out. What do you think of this matchup?

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