“No Short Notice S***” KSI backs out of Jake Paul’s fight offer after Paul agrees to fight him for free

The two YouTubers have shared a rivalry that dates back to almost half a decade now and they wish to settle their differences conclusively with a pair of gloves.

Jake Paul x KSI
Jake Paul x KSI
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The Youtube boxing sphere has never seen a bust of activity to the level it reached within the last week. With big fights starring Jake Paul and KSI just around the horizon, it was safe to assume the next few days would be a nightmare for any boxing purist. However, things gained a bigger buzz because of how quickly everything fell apart.

Paul who was supposed to fight on the 6th of August, called off the fight with a week left, citing issues from the side of Rahman Jr’s camp regarding his weight. Rahman originally was scheduled to fight Jake at 200lbs with rigid stipulations on his rehydration. However, when a pre-fight weigh-in showed Rahman at 215lbs with only a week to go, prompted the NY Commission to shift the bout to 205lbs. Some re-negotiation .ater, the fight completely fell off.

It was during this time, that KSI’s upcoming fight was also put in jeopardy. Scheduled to face Alex Wassabi, the YouTuber was reported to have suffered a concussion. Later during the day, it was confirmed that Alex had in fact pulled out of the August 27th fight, leaving his card without a main-event

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KSI Wishes to face Jake Paul at Wembley Stadium

KSI x Jake Paul
JJ and Logan during their second fight

On Friday, Rahman Jr made a public weigh-in where he stood at 206 lbs, one pound over the revised limit. However, this would mean Rahman having to forfeit his purse something he was ready to do for the pleasure of beating Paul. This compounded with Hasim’s insistence that it was Paul who ducked the fight, led to a bad look for the former Youtuber.

However, when it was reported that Alex had backed out of their fight, Paul immediately offered to step in against KSI. For this Paul was ready to fight for free and also come down to 180lbs. After much back and forth KSI has finally come out with a conclusive statement refusing the replacement offer.

On Twitter, the Brit wrote, “We will fight on my terms and when we do, it’ll be done on the biggest stage. I’m talking Wembley stadium fam.” KSI hinted that the O2 wasn’t enough for a rivalry of their magnitude. He continued, “With a full camp tailored just for you and I, so that there are no excuses when we fight. None of this short notice shit”

The brit and Paul share a history, in that Jake’s elder brother Logan has been defeated by KSI, and while the two have gone on to become business partners, Jake desperately is looking for a win over the YouTuber to redeem the family name

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