Mike Tyson at 56 could beat up you and everyone you know as he posts his latest ferocious workout footage

Mike Tyson's latest workout video would make you jump out of bed and run a mile or two simply by shaming your fitness at 56 years of age.

Mike Tyson
(left) Tyson in the late stages of his pro career (right) Tyson in his 50's

Mike Tyson may have once been the most feared man walking on earth. Now he may be content holding the title of the most ferocious man over 50. The former heavyweight champion today released a new set of training footage, very reminiscent of the ones he posted before making his return to exhibition boxing.

Tyson is now 56 years old, but don’t let that fool you. Even today, his movements, once he laces on a pair of gloves, can rival that of many active boxers. Today he posted one such video showing that he has managed to stay consistent with his training despite being two years removed from his last fight.

This comes as further relief for fans who closely follow Tyson. Not long ago, Tyson was talking about how he felt he did not have much time left on this earth. Shortly after those comments, Tyson was also seen in a wheelchair, adding to the concern of many.

While Tyson is happy and well settled in life now, having a successful Marijuana empire added with multiple business ventures including a hit podcast called Hotboxin’. Despite having it all, even at this age, Tyson may not be entirely ready to say goodbye to the sport that gave him everything.

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Will Mike Tyson return to exhibition boxing?

Mike Tyson
Tyson during his bout against Roy Jones Jr

While Tyson’s most recent expedition to the ring was against fellow retired great, Roy Jones Jr, he may not yet be done with exhibition fighting. In fact right after his fight against Roy Jones, Tyson made it clear that he wished to make the Legends of League as stable of an idea as it could be.

In this regard, he himself has offered to fight in this new league. Most recently rumblings of a fight between the 56-Year Old Tyson, going up against one of the Paul Brothers took the internet by storm. Tyson himself was enthusiastic about the idea however he warned the brothers that they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

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The elder Paul, Logan has only participated in exhibition fights and now has transitioned to the WWE. His most notorious in-ring opponent was Floyd Mayweather, someone he had a near 8-inch reach advantage on.

Jake Paul was seen as the most likely brother to face Tyson. Paul himself has shifted from the lifestyle of an internet celeb and made boxing his full-time priority. However, all that rumbling stopped when Paul announced that his next fight was scheduled to take place in Arizona, against MMA Legend Anderson Silva.

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