“Not Your Ni****r” Mike Tyson is furious over Hulu continuing to promote the eponymous series despite his disapproval

Mike Tyson believes he can still stop Hulu from airing the TV series named after him before it hits the air late this month. He believes the stealing of his story is akin to slavery

Mike Tyson x Hulu
Tyson alleges Hulu stole the rights to his life's story
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Mike Tyson has had a storied career that very few can even dream to replicate. From early triumphs to unexpected falls, Tyson’s story has everything from tragedy to glory all wrapped in one complex man from the streets of Brooklyn. No wonder publishers always want a piece of this eternal story.

Hulu jumped on the Tyson bandwagon and has decided to release a mini-series docudrama titled “Mike{ that follows Tyson’s life before and at the peak of his fame. Among the many Tyson projects in tow right now, the series was a welcome surprise for everyone that was a Tyson fan as Trevonte Rhodes seemed to have nailed the part in the trailers.

However recently Tyson came out in protest of the series as allegedly the producers of the team at Hulu did not have Tyson’s permission to make the series. This was revealed through a Tweet where Tyson thanks UFC Boss, Dana White for not accepting money from the streaming service to promote the “illegitimate” series.

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Producers of Hulu’s “Mike” say Mike Tyson’s life rights were already sold

Mike Tyson x Hulu
Trevante Rhodes as Tyson in the series

The series that is scheduled to come out late this month, might have a serious wave of public and legal outrage on its way before it ever sees the light of day. However when asked for a comment, the producers of the series told Entertainment Tonight, “We actually couldn’t talk to him because his life rights were already taken, so that was never on the table. I would hope that if he watches it that he would change his opinion.”

The producer further went on to say how they did not wish to be bogged down by a single person in their process of storytelling saying, “We really wanted to make sure we were as broad as possible in the research and the dramatization of the events of his life and we could make sure we were opening the doors to other conversations to be had around those things as well.”

However, Tyson and this team felt otherwise. On Twitter, the former boxing world champion said, “Hey @hulu I’m not a n****r you can sell on the auction block #slaveryisover#fuckhulu” This message was well received by fans who are already calling for boycotts of the upcoming series.

Tyson’s legal team put ut a more comprehensive statement with the same sentiment, it read, “They say this story is an exploration of a Black man. It’s more like an exploitation of a Black man. Hulu thinks their tracks are covered by hiring Black sacrificial lambs to play the part as front men for their backdoor robbery is appalling. I will always remember this blatant disregard of my dignity.”

Would you still watch the series if Tyson is against it? Let us know below!

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