Nate Diaz hints at move to MMA after Jake Paul boxing match; shuts down $10 million offer from major promotion 

Nate Diaz speaks on his future plans after fight against Jake Paul and teases a potential return to the UFC.

Nate Diaz hints at move to MMA after Jake Paul boxing match; shuts down $10 million offer from major promotion 

Nate Diaz talks about future plans after bout with Jake Paul (Image Courtesy- MMA Mania, The US Sun)

UFC veteran Nate Diaz is gearing up to fight YouTuber Jake Paul on August 5th in Dallas, Texas. During the pre-fight public training session, Diaz spoke to veteran reporter Ariel Helwani. In the interview, Diaz spoke about his future after his boxing match with Paul and a potential return to the UFC. The Stockton fighter will once again become a free agent after the bout.

Helwani asked Diaz about possibly returning to MMA for his next bout. Diaz said he had ideas and would only think about them after the bout with Paul. When asked about his future, Diaz said, “There isn’t anything that I’m committed to. It would probably either be back in the UFC or do something like this in the MMA style”. Diaz seems confident in going back to MMA after making his boxing debut.

Helwani also discussed Jake Paul’s offer for a rematch in the PFL. The offer has a payout of almost $10 million. The Stockton fighter replied, “yea, I don’t fight for that organization.” He also hinted at a return to the UFC or a “real fight” in a co-promotion. Paul has also signed a contract with the PFL for his potential MMA debut. However, Diaz remains hesitant to fight in the PFL.

The fight is highly anticipated, as it is a clash of two very different styles. Paul is a more technical boxer, while Diaz is a more aggressive fighter. It will be interesting to see how the two styles match up. Fans have stated that Nate could be old and potentially get knocked out against Paul.

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Mike Tyson claims that Jake Paul is an anti-hero

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson
Jake Paul and Mike Tyson (Image Courtesy- The US Sun)

In the worlds of boxing and MMA, Jake Paul has been dubbed the villain numerous times. Fans of the sport have long chastised his preference for fighting MMA legends over professional boxers. Even though many fans disliked him, this was not the case with legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Tyson recently appeared in Paul’s new documentary on Netflix, “Untold Jake Paul- The Problem Child.” He praised the boxer, saying, “Jake Paul, he’s not a villian. He’s an anti-hero. He does hero s**t but he just doesn’t go by heros laws… Listen, he did more for boxing than some of the champions did. I’m a fan of people that know how to put a**es in seats.”  Tyson also praised him for selling pay-per-views and called him the champ and “my hero.”

There have been rumors of a fight between Tyson and Paul, but nothing has come of it. If the fight occurs, it will clash between two very different eras of boxing. It would undoubtedly be a spectacle. Tyson remains a dangerous fighter, and Paul is an accomplished boxer. It would be an exciting matchup for boxing and YouTube fans alike. However, Paul could win over the legendary heavyweight at this old age.

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